Thursday, November 5, 2009

Currently Loving: ASTARS

This post is a first for Awkward Chic. We get emails from magazines and brands pretty often asking us to share their pictures or spreads, but no one's actually ever sent us physical stuff before. So when ASTARS asked me to try out and blog about two of their shirts, I literally died (Rachel Zoe style). I will jump at any legitimate excuse to play dress up and take pictures of myself for an hour. Here's the little ASTARS bio that they sent me:

"ASTARS has quickly become a closet staple known for its slouchy tanks, sexy V’s and vintage motorcycle tees. With unique washes that include sun fading, mineral rinses and the use of a double softener, the collection creates a luxurious drapy fit and feel that is as comfortable as it is stylish. The ASTARS collection draws inspiration from the company’s rich history, which translates edge and attitude into its designs. Celebrity fans include Sandra Bullock, Jessica Biel, Mischa Barton, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian and Kristen Stewart."

And here are some pics of celebs wearing ASTARS--Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens, Audrina Patridge, Kim Kardashian, etc.

Ventura Highway Top in Black, $66 at, Not Your Boyfriend's V in White, $64 at Here are the actual tops they sent me. They're both 100% rayon, which may sound off-putting at first, but they are seriously the comfiest shirts I've ever owned. I've been wearing the grey shirt with sweats and Uggs in my room (don't judge, it's freezing here! There might be snow!) all day, and I feel like I'm wrapped in a giant cloud of cozy. Rayon also holds it's shape really well, so there's no stretching out, and drapes perfectly without clinging or bunching. The black top is on the shorter side with a slightly fitted body, a double pocket on the chest with vegan leather trim, and unfinished hems, and the grey v-neck is definitely on the over-sized side (I have an XS and it still has plenty of drape), with a sun-faded pattern and ribbed trim at the neckline. They're both really thin shirts (but not sheer), which is great for layering, but any lumps or bumps you've got going on underneath will show through. Keep reading for my reviews and how I'd style these.

I tried to get a picture of the pocket detail here, but my camera hates me. You can kind of see it on the left--it's basically two pockets with trim on their top hem layered on top of each other. It's quirky. I like it. As for the cut of the shirt, it's a little shorter than I usually go for, but it's actually really cute. The hem hits on a good place on my hips to be worn untucked with jeans, and it hugs the body nicely without being clingy. My favorite way to wear it is tucked into a high-waist skirt. With the deep-v neckline, the slight scoop in the back, and the longer sleeves, it almost looks like a leotard or a bodysuit when you tuck it in. It sounds weird, but bodysuits are pretty huge right now--blame Lady Gaga--and I've always been intrigued by the idea, but bodysuits are so inconvenient and uncomfortable. This gives you that ballerina look without actually having to dress like a ballerina. And there's something so lovely about the delicate neckline against the toughness of the faux leather trim. I did the two outfits on the bottom to show how versatile this top is; you can dress it up really easily with a sparkly pencil skirt, or make it more relaxed with a jersey skirt and mens' belt.

This second top is a little less fitted, so it's got that over-sized/drapey thing going on, which I love. I can't begin to tell you guys how comfy this tee is. I love the sun-fading treatment--from a distance it looks almost ombre, but with a bit of a dark twist from the muted color palette (putting grey and white together in a v-neck is seriously like writing MEGAN all over it). The v-neck is just deep enough to be flattering without crossing the line into skanky, and this shirt might be even more versatile than the black top. I like it with just jeans and a big scarf for a casual, urban chic look, and I'd throw a motorcycle jacket or a little leather jacket on top for a bit more polish. I also really like pairing it with more glam pieces, like a pencil skirt or a trench, The relaxed cut of the shirt works perfectly with more structured pieces, and there's something so cheeky and insouciantly chic about pairing a little v-neck like this with a seriously glam piece like that pencil skirt; it's the perfect study in contrasts.

Jewelry: vintage and Tiffany's, Jeans: both 7 for all Mankind, Scarf: Love Quotes, Heels: Steve Madden Luxe, Pencil Skirt: vintage Chanel, Jersey Skirt: American Apparel, Belt: H&M, Mini Skirt: American Apparel, Trench Jacket: Alexander Wang for Gap, Motorcycle Jacket: Monrow.

So I guess the real question is: would I pay about $60 for one of these tees? I'd have to say yes. They're comfy, they're easy to wear and super-versatile, and pretty darn flattering. I've paid more for tees that I like a lot less. I think I'm going to have to collect a few more.

ASTARS Pit Slouchy Tank in Black, $59 at, and White, $59 at The next thing that caught my eye was the slouchy tank. These were both sold out in my size when I last checked, but I really want one of these slouchy tanks. You know I'm a sucker for a drapey white tank top, and I love the sun-faded finish on these. It adds the perfect amount of grunge to balance out a sparkly pencil skirt, or you could go all Kurt Cobain and wear it with distressed jeans.

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  1. Lucky lucky girl. They look so comfy and you hooked up the options well. Great stuff :)



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