Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lots of Sparklies.

Warning: If you dislike sparkles (AKA if you have no soul) do not continue reading. Massive brain explosion will ensue. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I'm very intrigued by this Fyrinnae brand. The name confuses me (I've misspelled it like 10 times in this post), and the idea of loose shadows generally makes me want to vomit, but I have to say I'm curious. Mainly because it seems like they can pack so much more shimmer into these loose shadows than into a normal pressed shadow. MAC's Style Snob remains my favorite shadow of all time, and I've been looking for more shadows with similar sparkle and luminescence, and I think I may have found my source. The price is so, so right, especially for how much shadow you get. Fyrinnae makes some really vibrant hues, but I'm drawn to their taupes and their black-based shadows. Oh, and they swatch all the shadows wet and dry on their site, which is probably the best idea ever.

Fyrinnae Loose Shadow in Knickers in a Twist, $5.25 at fyrinnae.com, Fire Opal $5.25 at fyrinnae.com, and Platinum, $5.25 at fyrinnae.com: Hehe. Knichers in a Twist. Hehe. It looks dark, but it's actually a pretty medium taupe with purple undertones (supposedly a great dupe of MAC's Moth Brown). I love taupes. They're so underestimated, and they're really the easiest shadows out there for a quick, polished look that's your eyes, but better. Fire Opal looks crazy iridescent, just like a fire opal. The base is a dove gray with insane gold/orange shimmer. It sounds awkward, but I think if you foiled it (applied it wet), it would literally look like your eyes were glowing and be insanely fab to brighten up some smudgey black liner. Platinum is the sparkliest of all. It's basically a sparkly golden taupe. Wouldn't that be a great base? Or even a highlighter. It might be even better than Stila's Kitten. Maybe.

Fyrinnae Loose Shadows in Immortality, $5.25 at fyrinnae.com, Kuroneko, $5.25 at fyrinnae.com, Fyre & Ice, $5.25 at fyrinnae.com: Here are all the black based beauties. I really want a black based shadow with shimmer because it has all the contouring/smoking ability of a black shadow, but the sparkle lightens it up and gives it a bit more visual interest. Immortality has rainbow colored shimmer (I'm drooling), Kuroneko is a metallic black with silver shimmer, and Fyre & Ice has purple shimmer. These almost remind me of MAC's Style Black collection, which I totally missed out on. I've been trying to narrow it down to one of these for about an hour, and I just can't do it. Must have all of thems. Must.

Madewell Long Rhinestone Necklace, $55 at shopbop.com, J. Crew Crystal Malibu Necklace, $68 at jcrew.com, BleachBlack for Urban Outfitters Rhinestone Bracelet, $28 at urbanoutfitters.com: I'm really feeling opulent jewelry right now, especially with juxtapositions of different textures and a little bit of edge. There's something very aristocratic and yet very modern about that look that works equally well with tees and cocktail dresses. These are some really affordable jewelry options (all under $70! You know I have trouble with the budgeting). I like this Madewell necklace because it's odd. I mean, you don't often see a string of rhinestones as a necklace, much less black rhinestones. That fact that the rhinestones are only on one side and there's exposed metal in the back adds an interesting tension, and it's the perfect drapey length. J. Crew does costume jewelry so, so well, and they've had a Lanvin vibe for the last few months that's really working for me. This necklace has a lot of things going on, the rhinestones, the bows, the glass beads, and it all could veer too far into rock and roll glam territory, but the sweetness of the bows brings it back into polished territory. This BleachBlack for Urban Outfitters bracelet (check out their blog!) is my absolute favorite. The textures are genius (I mean you've got leather, studs, chains, crystals, rhinestones), it would drape so perfectly on the wrist, and even though there's a lot going on, the relatively small size keeps it from being overwhelming. I'd rock this with a ton of silver rings.

And on a totally unrelated note, doesn't Kristen Stewart look nice here for once? Not all emo and scenester and grungey, but clean and polished and cute? Aside from that unfortunate mullet (Really? She couldn't have talked them into giving her a wig? Really?), I love this. The dress is simple, but not boring, the shoes don't detract from the dress, and the lack of accessories is actually rather refreshing. Now if the heels didn't have that awkward toe cutout and she threw on a pair of earring or a simple necklace and put her hair up we'd really have something.

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