Friday, November 13, 2009

Megan Fox's Makeup and Some Fab Outwear

So there's the usual shopping round up (of course), even a few pieces of sparkly, and then something I'm really excited about. There was a feature in Elle this month about getting inspired by celebrity makeup looks, and the one that really struck me was Megan Fox. I tried it out, and I'm pretty pleased with the results.

Eryn Brinie Cropped Biker Jacket, $350 at, KAIN Label Pocket Tee Dress, $93 at, Land's End Heritage Trench Coat, $199.50 at I've been eyeing Eryn Brinie for a few months now, and from my understanding it's a European/Asian take on Top Shop? I realize that makes no sense. Either way, I love this cropped jacket. I usually vehemently hate long-sleeved anythings, especially jackets, but the tight, extra-long sleeves on this jacket against the short body are giving me a serious Rick Owens vibe. There's something very clean and minimalist, and yet very edgy about this jacket, and the studs at the collar are just the perfect finishing touch. I spent hours looking for the perfect tee dress a few days ago, so of course I found it accidentally now. The delicate sexiness of the scoop neck against the loose, a-line fit of the body is really great way to do daytime casual with a very chic edge. You could leave it unbelted for a flowing, relaxed look or belt it for a bit more va-va-voom. I have an obsession with khaki trenches (it borders on pathological). They are my ideal form of outerwear--if I could only wear one coat/jacket for the rest of my life, it would be a khaki trench. They're a little military, very British aristocrat, and so, so versatile. This Land's End option looks really similar to my beloved Burberry version, and coats about $800 dollars less. Win.

Alexander Wang Moto Jacket with Detachable Sleeves, $825 at, Alexander Wang Drapey Sequin Dress, $815 at I'm not going to restate my love of Alexander Wang because if I keep doing it, I feel like this blog is going to turn into a giant ode to him, which would be entertaining, but a little bit weird. I really like that he's starting to take the economy into account with his designs, like making a convertible piece that's both jacket and vest. The body is suede, the sleeves are a clingy stretch, and so it works as both a motorcycle jacket and a hardcore vest. The detailing is perfection (he does biker chic so well), and for two Alexander Wang pieces, it's really a fantastic deal. This dress just kills me. It's got asymmetrical draping, a body-con fit, crazy-intense sequins, and just general hotness. The sequins lighten up the black just enough to make it work year-round, and they highlight all the draping perfectly. You really don't need anything with this dress--it accessorizes itself. And you could get away with wearing it all the time because the way the light hit the sequins on the draping would make the dress look different every time.

I love this shot from The Sartorialist. There's a lot of black going on, and it could photograph very flat, but the layers, the mix of textures, and the hints of blue and gold take it from dull and Goth to NYC chic. I think the attitude helps a lot. And the really covetable hair. I'm having total hair envy right now.

So, Megan Fox's makeup. First off, can I just say that I love her? She's gorgeous. You really can't argue with that. And she says the oddest, most randomly hilarious things. I was going to dress up as a Fox for Halloween and be Megan Fox (haha...I'm so clever...not really), but I couldn't find my fox ears in time. I'm saving that idea for next year. As for her makeup, it's actually really simple. Do whatever you do to even out your skin (I'd stick with a tinted moisturizer or a really dewy foundation, because she keeps her skin fresh, not matte), and then fill out your brows with Anastasia's Perfect Brow Pencil. Your brows need to be very dark and very thick, with a visible arch. It's bold, but still feminine, and it frames the face nicely. Next, use Urban Decay Primer Potion on the lids, and follow that with Benefit's Creaseless Shadow/Liner in Birthday Suit as a shimmery base, and add just a hint on the brow bone as a highlighter. She doesn't really use heavy/dark shadows on her lids, she usually sticks with something in a pale nude with a hint of shimmer. Line the waterline in any smudgeable black liner like Urban Decay's 24-7 Liner in Zero (that stuff stays like you won't believe), and then lightly line the outer half of the lower lash line and all of the upper lash line, winging out the liner slightly (she usually does just a hint of a cat eye). Take MAC's shadow in Romp and lightly shade the outer third of the eyelid, and then put Romp on a crease brush and blend it thoroughly into the crease and over the outer part of the lid. You want sort of a semi-circle shape starting on your lid and going up into the crease. Take some more Romp on a smudge brush, and smudge it into the upper and lower lash lines, going over the black liner. Follow that with two coats of mascara, a peach blush like MAC's Blushcreme in Lilicent, set it with just a hint of powder, and swipe on a nude lip gloss. This look works because while the black liner and soft brown shadow are smoldering and intense, the lid itself is kept really light so the overall look isn't heavy, and her face and lips are kept clean and soft so they don't detract from her eyes and brows. I got so many compliments on this look today (and of course my camera failed me, so no pics).

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