Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Do. Want. Mostly Makeup.

This is going to be a relatively short post. I'm sorry guys, but I've been really swamped lately. I just wrote a 7 page research paper on Neoliberal Institutionalism and the EU Post-Lisbon Treaty, so my brain is officially FRIED. More fried than a french fry. See last sentence as an example. Anyways, here's a little collection of do wants.

MAC 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush, $34 at, MAC 209 Eyeliner Brush, $17.50 at, MAC Eye Shadow in Satin Taupe, $14.50 at I'm in a makeup place right now (I go through makeup and clothing fixation stages). I blame Pixiwoo and YouTube. One of the things that all those YouTube vids have made me realize is that I need more brushes. I've always applied my tinted moisturizer with my hands, but I'm starting to get the feeling that I need a foundation brush for a smoother finish. I also want a contour brush and a buffer brush. And of course since I'm a broke college student, I want all three of those things in one brush. Of course, only MAC makes the brush that lives up to all my unrealistically high expectations. This brush supposedly blends, contours, buffs, and applies blush. Do want. I also really want an eyeliner brush, one so I can start using my shadows as liners and two so I can use it with the gel liners I'm planning to buy (see below). I'm finally going to cave on Satin Taupe. I've been debating about it for awhile, and again I blame Pixiwoo, but it finally seems like a real necessity. It's the perfect frosted purple taupe. That doesn't sound good, but it could be perfect. It's shimmery enough to use as a base, dark enough to contour, and soft enough to blend.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Mauve Ink and Black Ink, $21 at These are the gel liners I was talking about. I debated between these and the MAC Fluidlines for awhile, but it seems like these stay longer and irritate the eyes less. They're a few bucks more for the same price, but I think it's worth it. I want black to do a real cat-eye and to tight-line the eyes for definition, and I want the Black Mauve Ink because I think it could work really well as a liner and a shadow. It's hard to see it here, but it's a purpley, deep dark grey with lovely shimmer that's the perfect balance between dark and light.

Madison Marcus One Shoulder Lace Dress, $328 at, Kenneth Jay Lane Feather Earrings, $365 at, Vivienne Westwood Suede Pirate Boots, $510 at I'm gonna do a post sometime this/next week about what to wear to Thanksgiving/holiday parties. Why? Because this Madison Marcus dress is the sort of thing I'd wear to Thanksgiving dinner, so I think we all (and by that I mean me) need a little lesson on what's appropriate and how trendy is acceptable in front of the fam. Although I really do love that dress. Even though the model's clavicle could take someone's eye out. I feel like these earrings are the kind of thing that only I will like, but I really like them. I think feathers are so interesting--there's something so organic and yet so glamorous about them. The stiffness of the feather part of the earring works really well against the movement of the drop style (there's a little hingey-thing below the actual earring part). And did I mention that they're sparkly? They'll be mesmerizing when the earrings move. I heart these Vivienne Westwood boots (I heart everything today. Wow.). I love a good pirate reference, the bondage vibe of all the buckles, the slouchiness these boots get as they age. They're the perfect it-girl boots, because they're easy to work with but instantly elevate any outfit.

I've love those pirate boots since I saw them in this Garance Dore post.

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  1. i can TESTIFY that black gel liner is the SHITX haha I have been using it ever since I found one. But, mac's is too costy and doesn't dry up well... There's one from H.I.P. "high intensity pigments" (local drugstore) NOW THAT WORKS! and cheaper hahaha

    <3 great post!

  2. I suggest you try Wet n Wild's MegaEyes Creme Eyeliner (check out the reviews on MUA!). It comes in black and purple so that might keep you occupied for a while :) You'll need a better brush than the one that comes with it, though, I suggest you get EcoTools' angled eyeliner brush / the five-piece brush kit that comes with the angled eyeliner brush (<-- awesome purchase!).

    Does the MAC 188 really do all that? Wow. I've been applying my tinted moisturizer and BB cream with just my fingers too D: Hmm. I think I'll grab the Ecotools Foundation Brush instead and try that, see if it makes a difference.

  3. I'm so craving black gel liner, it's INSANE. I was looking at the MAC fluidline but I heard it irritates the waterline? Does that happen to you?

    I LOVE ECOTOOLS!!! I'm putting a lot of faith in the MAC magic brush lol, I'll let you guys know how it turns out. Wet n Wild makes creme liner? I'm def going to check that out.



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