Monday, May 17, 2010

Resort 2010

First weekday back in SoCal, and it's been gloomy and overcast all day.  It's warmer back in Boston than it is in LA right now.  Oh, the sick irony.  That means that I spend tomorrow traipsing around in the rain looking for jobs again (someone, please hire me.  Anybody!  Really!) and probably spending more time shopping than job hunting, so I'll let you guys know how that goes.

Chanel Resort 2010: On a happier note, photos from the Resort collections have trickled into  These are my two favorite looks from the Chanel Resort colleciton.  In this first look, I love how the white/pale pink/black from the boucle print have been reinterpreted into those geometrically patterned stripes.  It's a modern take on a Chanel classic, and it really is timeless.  As for this second dress, who doesn't want to float around St. Tropez barefoot wearing that?  Answer: people without souls, that's who.  It's pure, romantic loveliness.

Dior Resort 2010: Dior's Resort collection was less beachy relaxation and more "essence of Dior" in less than 60 looks.  Lots of aristocratic French chic with a little Marie Antoinette and a little Barbie thrown in for good measure.  This first dress just seems so inherently French to me (it has to be the stripes and the little bow), the cut is so flattering, and it's the sort of piece that you could transition really easy between seasons.  I think this gown would look stunning on the red carpet.  It's an unusual hue, but the cut is so classic and chic that it still works.

All J. Crew: Torque Moto Cardigan, $118 at, Anchor Ball Necklace, $65 at, Embroidered Ikat Pencil Skirt, $128 at Oh, J. Crew, why do you do this to me?  Just as I go on a spending freeze (that will hopefully not be lifted until I actually get a summer job), you go and come out with a motorcycle-inspired sweater, and a tassel necklace, and an ikat pencil skirt.  I die for motorcycle sweaters.  They have all the edge of moto jackets, but all the coziness of your favorite sweater, and that gold hardware contrasts so perfectly with the navy hue of the sweater.  I'm always a sucker for tassel necklaces, and when you add a giant crystal bead into the mix, it goes to a whole new level of glam, boho-chic that would work equally well at the office and at a weekend brunch.  Ikat is one of my favorite patterns, and pencil skirts are one of my favorite pieces, so together they just equal LOVE, especially since the ikat print is all pixellated and broken up, which makes it unexpectedly modern.

Kate Beckinsale in Gucci Premiere, Camilla Belle in Gucci: It seems like Gucci is the label of choice at Cannes this year, and I'm starting to understand why.  I love the irony of Kate Beckinsale's gown (she's wrapped up like a present, haha), and that despite that irony it's still an elegant, flattering dress that manages to be both sweet and modern at the same time.  Camilla Belle hits it out of the part--when does she not?--in this sequined mini dress.  I like that she keep her accessories simple and monochromatic to really let the sequins shine.  She just looks so fresh and yet so glamourous at the same time.  A+

Nordstrom 'Eyelash' Cashmere Wrap, $78 at, Tarnish Floral Scarf, $48 at I stopped by my local Nordstroms today, and while meandering around the first floor, I realized something.  Nordstrom's has really cute accessories.  Like really, really cute accessories.  There were tons of Gossip Girl headbands, skinny menswear-ish belts, and fantastic, colorfully printed scarves.  Two of my favorites were the Eyelash scarf, which is a really lightweight, 100% cashmere scarf that comes in fun colors, and these Tarnish floral scarves.  The Eyelash scarf is one of those totally practical staple pieces that you reach for again and again, and the floral print on these Tarnish scarves is just so CUTE.  I love that it's not the typical floral, that it has a sketchy, almost aggressive quality to it that's somewhat refreshing. 

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