Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm Alive!!! And J. Crew.

Sorry for the posting fail this week, but yesterday I had a date with my bathroom floor and a lovely case of food poisoning.  Thank you, Jamba Juice.  But I've recovered (kind of), and even managed to do a little shopping today!  If that doesn't make a you feel better, it's time to go to the doctor.

I picked up this striped tee and this elephant necklace, neither of which I could find on the Forever 21 website, but the shirt was $10.80 and the necklace was about $6.80.  I would have never picked up this striped tee, mainly because I am so not a stripes person, but Maud suggested it, and I totally love it!  It's very French girl chic, and it's super comfy.  The navy on white stripes are actually pretty flattering, and it's just a fun little summer shirt that I can get a lot of wear out of.  The necklace has a giant elephant head pendant with some bling-bling--it even has little green eyes!  So cute.  Forever 21 had at least 10 different elephant necklaces today, no joke.  I picked this one because elephants are my school mascot (aw), and I think that the frontal elephant head is a little fresher than the usual profile elephant.  And you guys know my obsession with awkward animal jewelry.

Diane Kruger in Jason Wu at Cannes.  This is my favorite dress from Cannes, hands down.  It definitely makes a statement with those colors, but it's incredibly simple and tasteful.  The cut is very flattering, there's just enough embellishment, and I love how she kept everything else simple.  Plus, I heard she does her own hair and makeup AND styling!  Serious props.

The J. Crew summer sale just started, and I picked out a few pieces that I really love, plus a few new pieces that aren't on sale, and are just plain pretty.

Majesty Stone Cocktail Ring, $29.99 down from $68 at, Tissue Boyfriend V-neck Tee, $19.99 down from $29.50 at, Sunray Sequin Tee, $14.99 down from $52 at I've wanted this ring forever (giant cocktail rings are so perfect for, well, cocktail parties and even better during the day), and $30 is a bargain for a J. Crew cocktail ring.  I've seen it in person, and it's huge and statement-making and just generally awesome.  I think my favorite pieces from J. Crew are t-shirts, especially their boyfriend v-necks and their embellished tees.  These v-necks have the perfect fit, flattering but not skintight, and just get softer and comfier each time you wash them.  The sunburst pattern on this embellished tee is so fun, and it's a great way to add a workhouse white tee to your wardrobe without feeling like it's too basic or boring.

Cashmere V-neck Cardigan, $119.99 down from $168 at,  Skinny Flip-flops, $6.99 down from $12.50 at, Solid Underwire Tie French Top, $50 down from $34.99 at J. Crew cashmere cardigans are fantastic wardrobe staples.  They're cashmere, so they're warm and cozy, and they come in a wide variety of shades and basic, flattering styles.  This schoolboy-esque cardigan is one of my favorites.  The little pockets are streamlined and practical, and the buttons give just the right amount of contrast.  Basically, any time J. Crew's cashmere cardigans go on sale, buy them.  I know the flip-flops seem random, but J. Crew's rubber flip-flops are the comfiest flip-flops EVER.  It's something about the plastic, but they are worth the $7, no question.  I've come to the conclusion that I need a bikini top with an underwire.  Confession time: I'm a 32D, aka an awkward bra size, and halter/triangle tops just don't have any support.  I love the retro-glam, French girl on the beach vibe, and it comes in a ton of different colors.

Linen-silk Bustier Dress, $198 at, Silk Cargo Dress, $118 at, FENTON/FALLON for J. Crew Jaws Earrings, $85 at None of these are on sale, I just like them.  First off, I'm so glad J. Crew finally put out a bustier dress!  I love bustier dresses, and theirs manages to walk the line between tasteful and lingerie-inspired very nicely.  This army-green dress is so perfect for summer/fall's military trend.  The neutral color is both flattering and versatile, and the safari meets army cut is so, so on-trend.  You could throw this on and be out the door in seconds, and get so many different looks out of it with different accessories.  I want these earrings.  They're so awkward looking, which is part of why I love them.  The combination of the rhinestones on top and the askew 'sharks teeth' on the bottom gives these earrings the perfect amount of thematic tension.  Plus, they're the perfect statement piece for any basic outfit.

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