Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Venomous Villains!

It's officially colder in Los Angeles today than it is in Boston for the second day in a row.  Really, weather, REALLY?  Forgive me if I sound bitter, I'm just so pale at this point that I literally glow in the dark.  Gah.

Anyways, on to the usual randomness.

Naomi Watts, Vampire Diaries cast: More lovely photos from Cannes, namely Naomi Watts in one of her trademark off-white column gowns with Art Deco detailing.  She does wear the same type of dress over and over and over, but it definitely works for her.  The cut is insanely flattering, the detailing highlights her figure but doesn't distract from her lovely face, and that ivory hue is just right for her skin tone.  Nina Dobrev went a totally different route for a different red carpet event, but it still works.  The black and white is so graphic, which is why it's perfect for a mini dress, and the way she matches the lipstick and the heels adds the perfect pop of color without competing with the stark black/white print.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Eyeshadow, $22 at sephora.com, Gemma Arterton: I've been meaning to branch out into MUFE for a while now.  I actually swatched one of their champagne liners a few days ago at Sephora, and when I tried to take it off with remover it literally didn't budge.  That stuff is hardcore.  I'm thinking that their cream shadows will be similarly intense and pigmented, plus they come in a wide range of great shades like silver, plum, and taupe.  Speaking of great eyeshadow, Gemma Arterton is ROCKING a pale green shadow at the Prince of Persia premiere.  It's really subtle, but it's so unexpected and totally makes her eyes pop, especially when contrasted against the red tones of her lip.  Plus the green ties in with the detailing on her dress really nicely.  This makes me want to break out my Greensmoke shadow again!  My roommate would be so thrilled.  She's the only person I've met that owns a pastel green eyeshadow, which I sort of forbid her from wearing in public.  Sorry Katie!

All Frye: Dara Campus Stitch Heels, $188 at fryeboots.com, Rosy Honeycomb Sandals, $248 at fryeboots.com, Catrin Trapunto Heels, $218 at fryeboots.com: Oh, Frye.  Why do you keep doing this to me?  Just when I write them off (until I am less broke, that is) because I already own my staple pair of boots, they keep churning out amazing heels.  I love the way that they juxtapose crafty, girly details against the strong, sensible lines of the shoes.  They just look so sturdy and well-made, which usually translates into comfortable.  The Campus heels are great for daytime, the Catrin heels would be adorable for work or dinner out, and the wedges would add the perfect amount of edge to any little sundress.

I can't even put into words how excited I am for the MAC Venomous Villains collection that drops in September.  I mean, it's themed around four different Disney villains.  From the promo clip here I'm thinking the evil guy from Princess and the Frog, Ursula, the evil queen from Snow White, and someone else that I can't figure out.  I think from the packaging alone this collection will totally be worth stockpiling.

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