Thursday, May 20, 2010

My New Fav Iron Guard + Lush Cravings

I've officially spent my fifth day in a row baking.  Today it was an amazing coffee cake, and if someone doesn't hire me soon, I'm going to spend the entire summer making me and the rest of my family extremely fat.  Happy, but fat.

The Sartorialist pic, Heather Morris from Glee: I absolutely love the combination of patterns going on in this Sartorialist pic.  The floral leggings against the bold stripes of the shirt--it's the perfect way to mix prints, choosing one bold and one softer print in a similar color palette.  On a totally unrelated note, how cute is this cat eye liner on Heather Morris from Glee?  I love how she kept the inner corners bare and then winged out her liner so far on the outer edges.  You get all the drama but the eye isn't as hard and closed off.

Roberto Cavalli Serpent Ring, $265 at, Juicy Couture Pointelle Cotton-blend Night Dress, $85 at I have a freakish phobia of snakes in real life, but for some reason I find snakes incorporated into jewelry really intriguing.  This is yet another example of creepy animals made into really cute accessories.  The snake gives the ring a sensuous, undulating shape, the scales add a really interesting texture, and the high sheen of the eyes give it that extra bit of visual interest.  Now, I know this sounds random, but I have a weird personal obsession with cute nighties.  I sort of collect them.  I just really like feeling cute while I'm sleeping, and I've watched enough Gilmore Girls/Gossip Girl episodes to know that at some point in your life a whole bunch of people will run into your room while you're sleeping and you'd better look cute when that time comes (not sure that made sense, but go with me here).  The black and white lacy trim on this nightie give it a hint of French maid, but the pale pink and flouncy detailing take it from tacky to elegant and just slightly cheeky.  I could totally lounge around the house in this and an oversized cardigan all day.

Got 2b Guardian Angel 425 F Hear Protect 'n Flatten Flat Iron Balm + Gloss Finish, $5.99 at I can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet, since I've almost used up the entire bottle.  I got it on a two for one sale at CVS, and picked it up because I've never really fallen in long with any of my previous iron guards, so I keep picking up new ones.  This might be the first one that I repurchase.  The bottle looks kind of dumb and tacky, but it smells AMAZING.  This spray plus my coconut conditioner makes my hair smell like cookies.  In a good way, not a weird way.  On top of that, it makes my hair really soft, completely protects it from burning or drying out, and keeps my hair straight and shiny.  I'm absolutely in love with it.

All Lush: Sultana of Soap, $5.95 at, Big Shampoo, $22.95 at, Soft Couer (The Honeymooner) Massage Bar, $8.95 at For some sick reason, I keep watching Lush haul videos on YouTube.  I've never actually gotten anything from Lush because every time I went in the store I would get overwhelmed by the smell and confused by all the products and I'd leave empty-handed.  But now I have a mission.  I want these three things: the Sultana of Soap, the Big Shampoo, and the Honeymooner massage bar.  The Sultana of Soap is a rich, creamy soap with bits of dried fruit thrown in for exfoliation (and supposedly it smells amazing).  The Big Shampoo is supposed to give body to fine hair (and while I don't have fine hair, I need me some body), and is full of sea salt and citrus juices.  The citrus adds shine and the salt adds texture and volume, just like ocean water does.  I'm intrigued by the idea of massage bars because they sound like the perfect alternative to lotions that can leak and get all over everything.  You just rub the bar between your hands and then use that to moisturize your body.  The Honeymooner has cocoa and honey, which sounds like the most lovely combination of scents ever.

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