Monday, May 10, 2010

Girls of Summer

Less than five days left of school.  FIVE DAYS, one final, and one paper.  I'm going a little stir crazy, if you couldn't tell.  So I'm just compiling lists of pretty things that I want that remind me of summer to get me through the next five days.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Liner in 23L, $17 at, Urban Decay De-Slick In A Tube Mattifying Gel, $28 at I've been a die hard Urban Decay 24-7 Liner fan, but I recently saw a blog post where a girl swatched these two liners on her hand and left it all day, and the Aqua Eyes won by far.  For summer, I'm really feeling this 23L liner (it's the champagne shadow on the bottom right) as an inner tear-duct highlight or for the waterline.  It's a much warmer, more flattering way to light up the eye than a flesh-toned pencil, and you guys know I can't resist anything with sparkles.  So one of the things that I've noticed about when the weather heats up (I've totally forgotten about this because it's been so darn cold here) is that I get super oily, and no amount of mattifying powder will cure it.  In a desperate attempt to look less like a shiny bowling ball, I'm seriously considering shelling out for this Urban Decay mattifying gel.  I just read a glowing review of it on Pink Sith (love her), and there's nothing in it that seems like it would break me out.  It seems like it really does put the oilies in their place, and then some.  So if I'm feeling particularly wealthy next time I'm in Sephora, I'll pick this up and review it.

MAC Superglass in Gift Wrap, $18 at, Revolution in Cut Prime My Cut Long Layers Pre-Styling Lotion, $24 at, Ayako Addiction Eye Shadow in Crow, available at I've finally decided which Superglass I want: Gift Wrap.  I've been craving an orangey-coral gloss for a while now, and this one is the perfect color AND has giant sparkles in it.  I mean, come on.  I'm getting really intrigued by these hair products that are specific to certain hair cuts.  It makes a lot of sense that different cuts need different products, and since I'm trying to grow my hair into long layers, I've been eying this lotion.  It claims to add volume at the roots and texture to layers, and that pump bottle is pretty decently sized for $24.  So you can only buy this eyeshadow in Japan/on Japanese websites, but...I wants it.  It's a brown-black with an intense blue frost/duochrome, and basically looks like sexy, smokey hotness.  It sort of reminds me of MAC's Club, which is a brown with a green duochrome, and equally gorgeous.

Parisian Chic, Alkemie Jewelry Giraffe Ring, $175 at, Helen Ficalora Hamsa Charm, $45 at I wish I was French.  Or had the innate ability to take normal things and make them look incredibly chic like a French girl does.  Forget about wearing headscarves, who thinks of tying their scarf into a hair bow and then executes it properly?  That's the sort of thing that I think about in front of the mirror and then totally fail at actually making.  You guys know my obsession with tiny animal jewelry.  Let's add this giraffe ring to that list.  It almost looks faintly evil, which makes me like it even more.  I have a thing for hamsa charms, but when they're gigantic they can look a little awkward and intense.  Which is why this miniature silver version is so perfect!  It's absolutely precious, and actually affordable.

J. Crew Featherweight Cotton Lynx Bling-button Cardigan, $88 at, J. Crew 3" Chino Short, $39.50 at, CC Skye Make Love, Not War Bullet Necklace, $125 at Two more things on my summer must-haves list: a leopard cardigan and khaki, structured shorts.  This leopard cardi from J. Crew is picture perfect.  The print is in a fun, punchy orange (bright, nut not too bright), and it comes with blinged out buttons that will catch the summer sun beautifully.  You guys know that I'm a huge fan of J. Crew's chino shorts.  They're the ideal short, but not too short length, and they manage to be both basic and chicly tailored at the same time.  Last but not least, I really want a bullet necklace.  I know it sounds weird, but I've been stalking some old bullets re-purposed as pendants on Etsy forever, and this is a much more glam version.  It even says 'make love' on the side.  Too cute.

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