Monday, May 9, 2011

Pretty Chairs and Girly Nail Polish

Today was a girly day.  Or, really, more of a 'I'm done with finals and need to save my brain by watching 100 episodes of Say Yes to the Dress' kind of day.  Here's what happens when you push my brain to the crazy point and then fill it with wedding dresses:

Essie Mademoiselle, $3.25 at I legitimately never wear light pink nail polish.  I'll occassionally do a medium pink, but a light, girly pink?  Nope.  But this past week I've been dealing with a lot of stress from finals, and I have been watching a ridiculous amount of Say Yes to the Dress (putting that on instant view was the worst thing NetFlix ever did to me) and I had this epic craving for a bridal nail polish.  And then I remembered that I had an old bottle of Essie Mademoiselle from high school, so I took a study break today and gave myself a manicure.  Mademoiselle was perfect.  It is a very pale, milky sheer pink cream.  On the nails it has a bit of a squishy, jelly texture from the sheerness, and the color comes out as the lightest imaginable pink.  It's one step up from a 'my nails or better' shade in that you're obviously wearing polish but it's a very natural and flattering shade.  I need 3 coats for coverage, and it applies wonderfully.  So if you're looking for a subtle, very light pink, I highly recommend this.

Highback Chair, $69.99 at The highlight of my day today wasn't finishing 2 papers.  It was finding this chair on eBay.  I know I posted a while ago about finding the perfect armchair for my room next year at Target, but IT SOLD OUT.  I was so upset this morning.  But I think it was one of those things where the universe was telling me that I had better options, because then I found this little guy on eBay.  Basically it's from an eBay seller than makes a ton of really affordable upholstered furniture, and recovers it in the fabric of your choosing.  And with shipping it's just over $100.  Such a win.  I want a slipper chair for my desk/vanity in my room, and this is perfect.  I'm going to spray-paint the legs a glossy black.

Here are my two favorite fabrics.  I'm probably getting the black floral with the pink birds because IT'S SO CUTE.  The print is the ideal mix of glam, baroque, and modern sassy, which is exactly what I'm going for, and the black with the pops of pink fits into my color scheme perfectly.  However I also totally love this modern, clean, preppy pink/white zig zag print.  It's so retro-chic.
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