Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Feelin' Nautical

Here is installment #2 of what I got this past weekend/what I wore today.  The weather in SoCal has been terrible (it was like ominous, apocalyptic-status storm clouds all day today) but in pure defiance and because I've been--slightly--immune to the cold, I wore this striped little number today.

Before I say anything else, guess how much it cost.  Just guess.  It was FIFTEEN DOLLARS at H&M.  That's ridiculous.  For a dress?  Ridiculous.  Sure, it doesn't look like it was $300 but I'd have guessed $60, which is four times as much as it actually was.  Which sounds pretty good to me.  Here I'm wearing it with a Forever21 necklace, a vintage belt, and Frye boots.

I know horizontal stripes can be tricky, but they just felt so fresh and nautical today and I had to wear them.  So there.  I also think having such a defined waist with the belt can keep the horizontal stripes from making you look wider, as does showing a little leg.  I actually got this dress for work this summer because it's not too short and it isn't too lowcut, and I can wear it with a little cardigan.  I did the necklace to add a fun, whimsical twist and the boots to add a little weight to the overall look.  One interesting thing with this dress though is that it had a built in waist-tie a good 2 or 3 inches above where I belted it.  I can't do empire-waisted things.  They do not work when you have any semblance of a hip (and I have many semblances).  So I cut the waist tie off and belted it where my natural waist is instead.  Yay for problem solving!  If you're like me and your natural waist is higher or lower than most other peoples', you can use that trick a lot.

I also got this top from Madewell like two weeks ago and totally forgot to blog about it.  It's on the Madewell website for $29.99, but I got it in white from the store for $8.  So cheap!  Definitely go check out your local Madewell to see if they have better sale prices than the website.  I like this tank because it's simple and clean but it has the defined waist tie, which is crazy flattering, especially if you're like me and have a large chest, which tends to push tees away from your body and drown your waist.  It's just a really versatile top that you can dress up and down, for a great price.

Image via madewell.com.

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