Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Sundress and MAC Shy Girl Lipstick

Someone needs to lock me in my house and keep me from shopping.  For serious.  I just bought my fifth dress in a week.  Gah.  It is super cute though.

Forever21 Pleated Floral Dress, $19.90 at It's hard to tell in my terrible pictures, but it's a light mint green with coral flowers.  Worn with vintage cardigan and belt and Frye boots.  I really like this dress because it's a fun color (and one I don't have in my closet), it's light, cheap, and easy to wear, and the back is smocked, so it will fit a range of sizes.  I got a medium because I have a larger chest, but if you have a normal sized chest I think it runs a little big.  The colors are a little unconventional, and I think that helps modernize the floral print.  Also I would totally collect retro sundresses if I could.  But like really.  I know I wear these same boots with everything, but I think they balance out the super girly sundress nicely, and the cardigan adds a little coverage.

In other news, I BOUGHT A LIPSTICK!  That actually has never happened.  Like never.  I've wanted a nude-ish lippie for a while now, but lipstick scares me.  That might be funny from someone who wears significant amounts of black gel liner everyday, but lipstick...lipstick is intense.  It requires so much more patience and thought in selecting shades.  But I know it's silly that I avoid lipstick altogether, so I put a toe in the pool by picking up a nude lippie.  The SA (sales associate for y'all that don't know the lingo) at MAC recommended Shy Girl to me. The MAC website describes it as a creamy neutral coral beige, and it's a cremesheen finish, which means that it's a creamy lipstick with a glossy finish.  It came out a little brighter and lighter in the photos than in real life.

My lips are naturally pretty pigmented and sort of a medium pinkish red, so this is lighter than my natural lip color by just a bit.  I really wanted something that would lighten up my lip color without making me look like a zombie, and Shy Girl is perfect for that.  On me it comes across as a peachy-pink nude with the TINIEST hint of shimmer, and it is absolutely gorgeous.  It lightens my lips just enough to be noticeable, and the hint of peach is really pretty and summery.  It goes on very creamy and pigmented in one stroke, and it has a pretty decent lasting power--about 3-4 hours--without lip liner.  It has a very slight vanilla scent but no discernible taste, and the packaging is classic MAC, very simple and sleek.  All in all, I love this.  It's right in my comfort zone, it doesn't dry out my lips or settle into my lip lines, and the color is lovely.  For reference I'm NW15 at MAC, so very pale and on the warmer side of neutral.

Awkward Chic rating: A-.  I wish it lasted a bit longer and that it wasn't $14.50, but in terms of color and formula I LOVE IT.

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