Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bath and Body Works Apricot Vanilla

I really need to stop shopping.  BUT IT'S SO HARD.  I'm like a hoarder for pretty things.  Gah.  Here's some of the stuff I've gotten/wanted recently.

Apricot Vanilla Tasty Lip Gloss, $7 at bathandbodyworks.com, Apricot Vanilla Body Lotion, $5.25 at bathandbodyworks.com: I am not a Bath and Body Works girl.  So much of their stuff smells so strong and sweet to me that it gives me a migraine and I just don't bother even going in/near the store.  But my mom needed something there the other day, so I was browsing around when I stumbled across their Apricot Vanilla line.  The simple, subdued packaging called to me, and the whole line was on sale for half off, so I picked up a lip gloss and a body cream (the lotion is pictured because the cream seems to have sold out online).  In the store the lip gloss was $3.50, which is a great deal.  It's a thick, somewhat sticky gloss that's sheer but has tons of shimmer.  It doesn't add any color to the lips but it adds some sparkle without looking frosty, which I like.  It smells and tastes like peaches and cream--so not apricots and vanilla, but it smells pretty darn good.  Since it's sticky, it lasts on the lips for a long while--around 3 hours, and best of all it actually moisturizes!  The body cream really does smell like vanilla and apricots, with the boozy sweetness of the vanilla and the creamy tang of the apricots.  It was like $6 on sale for a large tube of the cream, which is a decent price, and the formula is great.  It rubs in quickly and doesn't leave me feeling greasy, but it's thick and creamy and extremely moisturizing.  My favorite part is that the scent lingers all day, but really close to the skin.  So you can wear perfume on top of it and not overwhelm everyone within in a 10 foot radius.  I have basically no loyalty to body lotions, but I would purchase this again for the yummy but inoffensive scent and moisturizing formula.

I'd give those 2 products an A+.  The prices were great, they smelled amazing, and they both did what they claimed to do.  If you like the sound of Apricot Vanilla, act now because I think it's being discontinued.  It was part of a series of vanilla based scents--like cherry vanilla, coconut vanilla, etc--and I think they're being switched out for a series of coconut based scents.

Swingtown Sweetie Dress, $79.99 at modcloth.com: Y'all know I'm a sucker for Southern-style sundresses.  It's actually becoming a bit of problem.  I've been stalking Modcloth's New section for weeks now, and I'm in love with this little white dress.  The black and white color combo is just graphic enough, but the ways that the black is used--in the lace, in a polka dot sash--are so sweet that the color combo still makes a charming statement and isn't too hard or minimalist.  The deep v-neckline in the back and front add a little sass, and the tulle underskirt creates a flattering a-line shape and some old school charm.  I want to wear this with a pair of red heels while sipping a giant glass of sweet tea.

Images via bathandbodyworks.com, modcloth.com.

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