Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I'd Like to be Wearing to Work

I am the worst with dressing for work.  In theory, I have all these adorable outfits that I'd wear, but in reality, I just wear what I already have, which is lots of cardigans and sundresses.  Gah.  But people at my office wear JEANS.  It's so weird to me.  Anyways, here's one of those theoretical outfits I'd wear to work.  I really like slightly '50s, retro work ensembles (Joan Holloway = my icon) with a slightly modern twist.

J. Crew Ruthie Shirtdress, $118 at, J. Crew Skinny Patent Belt, $34.50 at This J. Crew shirtdress is ADORABLE.  It's a lovely camel color, which is very of the moment but also flattering and versatile.  The cut works well for a lot of body types--it's fitted through the smallest part of your torso, and glides over the lower body.  The elbow-length sleeves add a hint of sweetness to the utilitarian feel of a shirtdress.  To add even more emphasis to the waist, I'd do a skinny patent leather belt.  The patent gives it a bit of an urban edge, and a cinched-in waist is always a good look.

GUESS Osten Heels, $99 at, J. Crew Oval Heirloom Locket Necklace, $50 at For a bit of modern sass, I'd do a suede platform heel in this lovely ruby red.  The rich visual texture of the suede adds a sense of warmth and luxury that livens up the shirtdress, and the pop of color from the red is just so fun and girly.  To top it all off, I like this vintage-y locket necklace.  It works with the general '50s feel, and adds a personal touch (since generally you put adorable family/pet pictures in lockets.  I would totally have my dog and my pony).

So what do y'all wear to work?  Jeans? (just kidding)

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