Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Modern Wayfarers

So I bought myself a birthday present.  I'm really good at doing that.  In fact, I do it year-round.  Aha.  Anyways, I got myself some Ray-Ban sunglasses, and they finally came, so of course I had to take pictures of myself wearing them and making silly faces and blog about it.

#1: see, we're doing pretty well, I'm making a normal face (which I totally struggle with that close to a mirror).  #2: I can't resist the urge to make silly fish faces.  Ever.  Cute.  I know.

These are the Modern Wayfarers from Ray-Ban in brown.  Now, I've had bad luck with Ray-Bans.  My aviators fell apart, and my Wayfarers were always way too big, and also fell apart.  But Shopbop has a great return policy and free shipping, so I took the plunge.  They're a sturdy plastic frame with gradient lenses.  What I loved right off the bat is that these fit very firmly on my face.  They aren't slipping off.  I could probably go running in them.  They're a nice, warm dark brown, which I find a lot more flattering than black.

My favorite part, though, is the shape.  They're an updated Wayfarer, meaning that they're a slightly larger lens with a more rectangular shape instead of the usual circular.  Plus they go out more at the temples for a slight cat-eye effect, which I love (so sassy!).  I think the more rectangular frames are much more flattering on my rounder face.  They still have the iconic Wayfarer look, but with a bit of a Jackie O twist.  Overall I'm super pleased with this purchase.  I've been wearing them every day, and have gotten a ton of compliments.

I got these from Shopbop because they have fast free shipping and free return shipping.  They come with a Ray-Ban case and a cleaning cloth.

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