Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Outfit of the Day (In My Head)

Sorry for not blogging yesterday, y'all.  It was my birthday!  I'm 20.  I feel old.  It's freaking me out not to be a teenager anymore.  Ack.  Anyways, here's what I wish I was wearing today (and what I actually wore at the bottom):

 Cool as Icing Dress, $79.99 at modcloth.com, Ray-Ban Modern Wayfarers, $139 at shopbop.com: Ahhh this is dress is so cute.  It reminds me of a Taylor Swift music video, but less corny.  The cut is extremely flattering--anything fitted through the torso and waist like that will emphasize the smallest part of you, and the slightly flared skirt creates an hourglass silhouette without overemphasizing what's already there.  And then you have the adorable detailing, with the cutout geometric and lace shapes.  It's a bit like those paper Day of the Dead garlands, but wearable.  I'd do a cute little sundress like that one with sassy, big sunglasses.  I actually just got these for myself for my birthday (they should be here in a day or two!  Yipee).  The soft brown of the shades works nicely with the sweetness of the dress.  I really love the shape of these glasses.  It's a little retro-cat-eye/sassy, and has the same classic but modern feel as the original Wayfarers, but the shape isn't as round, so they'll work better on rounder faces.  I have a squareish-oval (squoval?) face, so round sunglasses just make my face look rounder, whereas more rectangular frames like these are more flattering.  The inverse works if you have a really angular face, rounder sunglasses can soften that up.

Club Monaco Harper Braided Belt, $79.99 at shopbop.com, Frye Kara Trapunto T Strap, $159.60 at zappos.com: I belt everything.  I'd add a belt here for some visual contrast.  The skinny belt works because it doesn't detract from or cover-up the intricate detailing at the waist, and the warm brown and homey vibe of the braid go perfectly with the rustic, simple feel of the dress.  Ahhh I also want these shoes.  I can't justify buying them, but aren't they so sweet?  I love the idea of daytime heels.  These feel so sweet and retro with the t-straps and the soft brown leather, but the platform and chunky heel add a bit of sass.  All in all these heels would add a little height and glamour, but still keep the overall vibe down-to-earth.

And here's what I actually wore today: the shirt is from H&M, the skirt is Ann Taylor Loft, the belt is vintage, the necklace is Forever21, and the sandals are Franco Sarto.  Yayyy for work-appropriate outfits.

Images via shopbop.com, zappos.com, modcloth.com.

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