Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Wants

It's my birthday next Monday!  I'm gonna be 20!  I feel old (I know that sounds dumb, but still).  Anyways, here's some random stuff that I've been eyeing for gifties (in my head.  Not for reality.  But still).

Los Angeles print by BirdAve, $20 at etsy.com, J. Crew Jenna's Cardigan, $70 at jcrew.com: This Etsy shop has the cutest, CUTEST prints.  There's a whole series on skylines of different cities, and I had to pick my hometown.  I love the retro, slightly faded classic skyline against the neon blue.  It feels very fresh but very old school at the same time, and I want to frame it and hang it up in my room.  And it's only $20!  That's why I love Etsy.  That such a great price for an original print.  I'm in a cardigan collecting phase right now, and I have my eye set on this little guy.  I've blogged it already like ten times, so I'll just say that it comes in a good range of neutral colors, the cropped body and 3/4 sleeves are very flattering and sweet, and it will go with everything.

Ray-Ban Modern Wayfarers, $139 at shopbop.com, Fallon Jewelry Loved ID Ring, $75 at shopbop.com: I have two pairs of Ray-Bans, and they're both broken.  Ugh.  It's definitely my fault, but it's still annoying.  I love oversized wayfarers, but this modern take on the shape is refreshing.  The shape of the glasses works for a lot of different face types, the gradient lenses have a slightly retro feel, and the dark brown is a great, less harsh alternative to black.  I know this ring looks giant, but it's much smaller in person.  I love how it looks relatively simple from afar, but up close it has the adorable writing across the band (this one says 'loved,' and there's another one that says 'adored').  It's just a fun, sweet little piece of jewelry that you can wear everyday, and it's gold-plated!  Gotta love the little luxuries.

Foley + Corinna Jet Set Bag, $495 at shopbop.com, Gondolier with the Wind Dress, $47.99 at modcloth.com: I have a Foley + Corinna bag.  I've had it since 8th grade (SEVEN YEARS Y'ALL) and it's in great shape.  It actually looks better, aside from the minor stains I may have made, so I trust the quality of their bags.  I want this one.  I like the shiny black leather, and I love the shape.  It fits so perfectly under your arm, but it's big enough to hold all my junk, and it has a slight equestrian vibe.  Plus, one of my favorite parts is that it looks like it has an open top, which I like, but it actually zippers beneath the straps, so nothing is falling out of this baby.  It's very chic and polished, so you could wear it to work, but it's also a little edgy, so you could wear it out and about.  I know I won't actually get this for my bday, but in theory I want it.  How adorable is this dress?  The shape is very flattering, with the fitted bodice and slightly flared skirt, and I love the zig-zag stripe pattern.  It's a little geometric, a little French girl, and a little retro.  I want to wear it with a cobalt blue belt, cute little boots, and a cropped cardigan (plus the price is great!).

Images via shopbop.com, etsy.com, jcrew.com, modcloth.com.

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