Monday, December 28, 2009

Victoria's Secret: Yes, They Do Sell Clothes!

One of my favorite things to do, aside from blogging about random things that I want, is to find interesting things at random places. Like cashmere scarves at Restoration Hardware or fab perfume at the Gap. A lot of the time, no one else (that you'll run into, at least) has those pieces, and you look like a serious, hardcore fashionista for finding them. I love to look for cute clothes at Victoria's Secret. Yes, that Victoria's Secret. Aside from great bras (especially this one), they do actually have things to wear in public, although they never carry them in store. Maybe there's a giant Victoria's Secret store in like, Minnesota, that has all the Victoria's Secret clothes. I want to go to there.

High-waist Skirt, $29.50 at, Corset Playdress, $58 at, Cutout Dress, $48 at This skirt is from the PINK collection, which is their teenage line, but it's still pretty darn adorable and wearable. It really looks more Topshop than chain lingerie store. The high-waisted cut, combined with the Liberty-esque floral print and swingy, a-line cut has such a charming, English vibe to it, and it would pair perfectly with hard edged pieces, like a moto jacket and some chain necklaces. I love this floral dress. The contrast between the idea of a floral sundress, the classic fit, and bra-inspired top is so chic against the overripe, almost savage feeling of the floral print. Just think about all the different ways you could wear this. It stands perfectly on its own, but the vibrant print would also work to brighten up neutral ensembles, and it would be so festive in the middle of winter. This cutout dress also comes in black, which I like much better. It's a really simple dress with pretty classic lines, but the shoulder cutouts make it very on-trend and of the moment. A versatile LBD that highlights your shoulders and collarbone for less than $50? Yes, please.

Leather Buckle-Front Motorcycle Jacket, $159 down from $198 at, Soft & Sexy Wrap, $38 down form $59 at, One-Shoulder Dress, $69 down from $78 at That leather jacket is a STEAL. They have similarly priced jackets in a variety of cuts, but I love the motorcycle-inspired details of this one, right down to the belt at the waist. It also comes in black, for a bit of an edgier vibe. I still haven't shaken my craving for an open cardigan, and this wrap isn't helping. It has the long in the front to short in the back cut that I love, it's a cashmere blend, and it comes in a rainbow of colors. There are like 10 different ways you can wear/wrap/tie this sweater. Also not helping. Did I mention that it's on-sale and really on-trend for the '70s vibe of next spring? This one-sleeve dress is so hot. It combines the body-con mini dress trend with the asymmetry trend, and it does all that for less than $70. I don't think I really have to explain that in more detail. Hello, awesome.

Silk-Bandage Sweaterdress, $78 down from $88 at, Pocket Tank, $28.50 at, Short Sleeve Scoopneck Tee, $22.50 down form $28.50 at For a split second there, I thought that dress was Herve Leger. And then I looked at the price tag. It has the same layered elastic look (probably with a little less holding-in power, but at $78 who's complaining?), the same body-con fit, and the slightly exaggerated shoulders are very, very on-trend. Oversized pocket tees are a cute, boyish take on your basic tee. Obviously KAIN makes fab pocket tees, but $70 can be a lot to spend on a t-shirt. Here are two great alternatives for less than $30, a racerback tank and a scoopneck tee. They both come in a ton of fun colors, with deep necks that balance out their boxy fits.

Cotton & Cashmere Wide-leg Pant, $59 down from $68 at, Floral Dress, $39.50 at, Frye Patchwork Boots, $344.99 down from $498 at Cashmere (blend, but still) sweatpants? Sign me up. It's the definition of luxury, and who doesn't want to lounge around in cashmere? 100% cashmere pants would cost a fortune, but a cozy cashmere blend still has all the warm, fuzzy feelings for a much cozier price. This dress is another piece from the PINK collection, and while it is a little short, how cute is that? I like how the sweetness of the florals is tempered by the black, strappy top, and this would be the perfect dress to wear with a fun pair of tights! Victoria's Secret also has a massive, totally underrated collection of shoes from brands like Colin Stuart and Frye. This is about as discounted as I've ever seen a pair of Frye boots, and the textural contrast between the shiny leather and suede inset is refreshing modern against the classic, equestrian shape.

Forever 21 Tassel Pendant, $10.80 at On an unrelated note, I finally found a tassel necklace! And a pretty darn cheap one at that. Forever 21 is always reliable for good chain necklaces. I love this one because of the tassel (obviously), which adds a great, Mediterranean vibe to any outfit, and for the variety of lightweight chains that make up the necklace itself. It's hard to see, but the chains are different widths and textures, which adds so much visual interest up close. And it's the perfect length--almost belly button grazing.

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