Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Vant to Suck Your Blood.

I think I've found my favorite jewelry line of all time. Don't get me wrong, I'm a sucker for Tiffany's and classic, girly pieces, but my absolute favorites are always polished, but very quirky. Verameat is full of the quirk. They have necklaces with tiny astronauts and T-Rexes and pirates on them. What's not to love? But they also do more wearable, subtle pieces. Aside from that, there are a few basics-with-a-twist that I really love, and then two fab pics of my current favorite model, Lara Stone.

Verameat: Rose Studs, $68 in silver at, Dead or Alive Necklace in Copper, $300 at, Vampire Luck necklace in silver, $110 at Yes, I realize this is like the 10th (okay, maybe 3rd) pair of rose stud earrings I've featured, pretty. And they come in oxidized silver--no pics, sorry--so the feminine shape of the rose would be perfectly balanced out by the tarnished finish of the metal. These might be my favorite pair of earrings yet. I'm not ashamed of my vampire obsession. I LOVE True Blood, I'm a huge Rpatz fan (not Twilight. Just Robert Pattinson), Lost Boys is always on my Netflix queue and I even watch Vampire Diaries. I'm a little ashamed about that last one. But obviously vampire-inspired jewelry is right up my alley, hence these two necklaces. The silver version is smaller and a little more delicate, so I think it might be more wearable, but the copper version is just so in your face FANGS. I would rock both of these with just a white v-neck and a pair of jeans to highlight the awkward, Gothic amazingness of the necklace.

Verameat: Rose Bud Necklace, $68 in silver at, Taste Sea Earrings, $52 at, Burberry Prorsum Leather Trench Coat, $2,795 at Yeah, another rose bud. The necklace is actually really small, so it's the kind of thing you could wear everyday. The rose is very sweet, but the smallness of it keeps the overall effect from being too saccharine or over the top. These earrings are so, so tiny, and I think that makes them perfect. Just like the rose necklace, they're the kind of odd little basic piece that you could rock day after day. From a distance they look like silver studs, but up close there's a sort of organic romanticism to them. I'd definitely call this coat a basic piece with a twist. Because it's, you know, LEATHER. It's a leather Burberry trench. awpetjawpoeitw-etjpwlsdmg. I'm sorry, my brain just exploded. It's got all the classic chic of a Burberry trench with all the edge of a motorcycle jacket. This is the kind of coat that just gets better with age, and that you could pass on to your grandchildren. So yes, I did just justify being a $3,000 leather trench coat. That Intro Psych class has served me so well.

Erin Kleinberg Boyfriend Tee with Chiffon Cuff in Heather Grey, $225 at, 3.1 Phillip Lim Merino Wool-blend Military Cardigan, $350 at, Marc by Marc Jacobs Into the Wild Twill Skirt, $ at Here's a basic boyfriend tee with a glam little twist. The baggy cut against the chiffon cuffs and sequined pocket is the ideal contrast of masculine and feminine. Just throw that on with a pair of jeans and you're good to go, and it would look just as good tucked into a high-waisted skirt. This cardigan is so awesome. It's a basic staple because it's a cardigan, but the military/band-jacket-inspired placket makes it so of the moment. It's the easy way to do the Balmain fall look, but as Michael Jacket taught us, the band jacket never goes out of style. This pencil skirt might be my favorite thing of all time. It's a leopard-printed pencil skirt. If my brain hadn't already exploded it would have again. The juxtaposition of the clean lines against the vibrant animal print makes this such a wearable way to do the neon AND animal print trends. I know it doesn't look that versatile, but you could really do it so many ways--with a plain white tank, a black tee, a slouchy grey tee, with and without tights, with a moto jacket, with a trench--the options are endless. And the price is pretty decent for Marc by Marc. Did I mention the exposed zipper in the back?

So I watched the Victoria's Secret fashion show. They actually have really legit models now, like Caroline Trentini (she didn't do any jumping though), Chanel Iman, Selita Ebanks, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and one of my faves, Abbey Lee. Abbey Lee and her little gap teeth reminded me of my other favorite model, Lara Stone, and her gorgeous spread in the August issue of W. There's something so interesting about her face. The bleached out eyebrows, the INSANE cheekbones, the gap teeth, and she actually has a body. With curves. Model curves, but still.

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