Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rodarte for Target! And Some Amazing Boots.

I feel like the Target preview pics for their Go International collections usually come out a LOT earlier. Like months in advance. Whereas the Rodarte collection comes out in two weeks and the preview just came out online. Grrrrr. At least there's still plenty of time to figure out the stand-out pieces from the collection. I'm actually pretty impressed. Overall it's wearable, but it still has that macabre but romantic vibe that I expect from Rodarte. I feel like there are a few pieces missing from this preview though, like the black halter dress that's been in a ton of magazines this month. Maybe there are more pieces that we'll see in store? I hope so.

Leopard Dress: $44.99, Lace Tights: $12.99. Black Slip Dress: $39.99, Leopard Bow Belt: $12.99. Lace Cardigan and Skirt in mustard: $29.99 each, Lace Cami: $19.99. Sequin Dress in Grey Leopard: $44.99, Lace Cardigan in black, $29.99. Swiss Dot Dress in Blue: $39.99, Cut-Out Knee-Highs in tan/peach: $9.99. This leopard dress will be mine. I hate, hate, hate the styling here (hello, Courtney Love), but the dress itself is the perfect combination of a fashion-forward, but clean cut with a great, statement-making print. I also really like this second dress, although I don't think it's quite as wearable. I like the lace tights and the leopard belt on their own, but I think they need to be with simpler outfits to really stand out. The yellow ensemble is interesting. I think the pieces would work really well separately, but that's a lot of yellow for one look. The black lace cardigan is so hot. It isn't practical at all, but this is a fantastic, easy way to work the sheer and lace trends into your wardrobe without exposing too much skin. And the sequined leopard dress is a fab little party dress. I'd love this Swiss dot dress with a masculine, brown leather belt, and without the sunnies. And the gloves. And the Doc Martens.

Denim Jacket: $39.99, Tulle Bow Top in navy: $24.99, Lace and Tulle Skirt in navy: $29.99. Sequined Rib Dress: $44.99, Striped Tee in black/navy: $16.99. Lace Print Dress in Tan: $34.99, Lace Cardigan in Tan: $29.99. Lace Tee in Navy: $16.99, Asymmetrical Cardigan in grey: $44.99, Lace and Tulle Skirt in navy: $29.99. This first look is not up my alley at all, but I think it could work on the right person. The same goes for this ribcage dress. I actually really like it. You'd have to have the right attitude to pull it off, but I think that with a little leather jacket would be a show-stopping outfit. I love the lace cardigan in black, and I think the nude version is a nice, more feminine re-interpretation. I can't see much of the dress underneath, but the print and cut look really cute. As for this last look, who wants a cardigan that makes them look like they got dressed drunk and in the dark? Not me. But overall, I think it's a relatively strong Go International collection, with pieces for a lot of different girls and looks. What are you guys planning on getting?

Veda Kendall Leather & Lace Jacket, $605 at, Prince Peter Like a Prayer Tee, $65 at, Proenza Schouler Luxe Leather Wallet, $165 at Yeah, it's another little leather jacket. But this one has lace trim, which gives it a fantastic, slightly twisted romantic vibe and adds a lovely feminine edge to a typically boyish piece. The balance of the long sleeves against the cropped body is really flattering, and the slight draping at the collar is so on trend. I LOVE this shirt. The Madonna trompe l'oeil thing is really working for me. It's over the top and in-your-face, but also cheeky and ironic at the same time. The fact that there are like 20 different chains and part of a leather jacket screen-printed on this tee just makes it even better. Did I mention that it's only $65? This is such a great deal. Speaking of great deals, you can get your hands on a Proenza Schouler wallet/clutch for less than $200 and in a ton of different colors on the new Proenza Schouler website. It looks so much like the PS1 bag (LOVE), but for so much less. It would work equally well as a wallet or a clutch, the royal blue hue is versatile, but fun, and the logo is subtle. This would be a great Christmas present for any little fashionista. I'm not even trying to drop a hint about myself this time.

Frye Melissa Button Boots in Dark Brown, $298 at I've officially found my perfect pair of boots. I know I've posted of ton of motorcycle-esque boots, which I really do love, but I think for my first pair of big girl (AKA non-Ugg) boots I need something simple and versatile. And what's the simplest, most versatile boot of all? The equestrian boot. Except these don't just look like any old pair of equestrian boots--the dips in the front and back of the cuff give it a bit of a cowboy boot-inspired sass. The dark brown is the perfect shade, because it's deep enough to wear with jeans and work with a bunch of different outfits, but the richness of the brown (instead of a black) means I could rock these with a little white dress and have a Taylor Swift moment.

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