Friday, December 18, 2009

Pre-Fall 2010 Roundup + Alice in Wonderland

Taking a little mini break from the gift guides to bring you guys some more Pre-Fall 2010 coverage (I think this is the last of it), and the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland trailer! The real one this time. I know it's not really fashion related, but I'm going to make it fashion related. Somehow. Eventually. Whatever. It looks seriously epic, and it comes out in about three months, and I can't contain myself anymore. It's also 0 degrees here with windchill, and I am slowly losing my mind, so take everything today with a grain of salt.

Did other people know this was going to be a Disney movie? It looks seriously dark for Disney, but maybe that's just me. Speaking of Disney, did anyone see Princess and the Frog? I NEED to see that. Really, really badly. Alright, on to the good stuff:

All J. Mendel: I love J. Mendel. He's made the transition from furrier to ready-to-wear designer so smoothly, and has the amazing talent of making me want everything he puts his hands on. For instance, this cropped leather/fur jacket. It's an interesting take on the motorcycle jacket trend, with a bit of aviator inspiration in the woolly-trimmed collar. How glamorous are these two gowns? I really like that he's used similar draping techniques to come up with two entirely different looks. This first gown is very Penelope Cruz (did anyone see what she wore to the Nine premiere? I die), the slight volume at the hip is very on-trend without being over the top, and the cap sleeve feels new on a red carpet gown. This metallic gown is smoking. Literally. The burnished pewter color is so much sexier than a gold or silver--it has a slightly more dangerous feel to it--the corset-esque detail on the bodice is a flattering tie-in to the lingerie trend without being too boudoir, and the skirt falls so, so perfectly. This better get some red carpet exposure.

All Vera Wang: I think I like Vera Wang now, guys. She may have just gotten a new stylist, but everything feels more wearable and approachable now, but with the same slightly disheveled fairy tale feel to it. First off, love the knee socks (great contrast to the luxe clothes). And that first coat has a great military meets Russian Anastasia feel to it in the tension between the stark lines and the richness of the fur trim. I would wear these second two outfits as is. They're pitch perfect. The combination of the drapey, jewel-toned silk top and the flowing motorcycle jacket is genius, and the straight leg pants keep the focus on what's going on up top. I always love sequins for daytime, and there's no better way to do it than a slip dress and a slouchy cardigan. There's something very haphazard about it, and that's what makes it so appealing. The bits of tulle peeking out from the hem give it the perfect twisted fairy tale finishing touch.

Tory Burch, Temperley London, DKNY: The pieces in this Tory Burch look are really basic and not all that interesting on their own, but all together there's something so clean and yet so powerful about this ensemble. The leggings don't even bother me. I think it's the all black color palette with the touch of sheen at the waist and the camel colored shoes that do it for me. This Temperley London look sounds like it shouldn't work (neon + draping + lace panels?), but it does. The restraint is what keeps this dress from being overwhelming. There's draping, but it's very subtle, there's neon, but it's contrasted nicely by the black tights and lack of the accessories, and the hint of sheer black lace peeking out from the collar gives it all a bit of a Gothic romantic edge that works because the black is a neutral color. I'd wear this with bare legs, a sick pair of black platforms, and tiny black rhinestone studs. The collar on this DKNY dress is to die for. The '70s off-the-shoulder cut suddenly feels fresh again, and the wrapped/overlay detail is not only very on-trend, but made really interesting by the way that it distorts the red and black stripes. The quietness of the skirt lets the top shine, and the shoes ground the ensemble perfectly. So drop-dead summer chic.

Nicole Miller, Nicole Miller, Rag & Bone: This first Nicole Miller dress looks a little wrinkly, but I'm going to attribute that to a lack of either a steamer or a model fitting and conclude that I like it. The shoulder cutout is saucy without showing too much skin, and the black/grey panelling is done in a way that's both subtly interesting and really, really flattering. The second Nicole Miller dress I like even better. I mean first off, there's that neo-folksy/Matrix-inspired print going on, which is really interesting paired with that sweetheart necklace and Grecian-draped tulip skirt. It almost looks like a beetle (with the petals on the skirt as wings? maybe?), but in a really good way. This Rag & Bone look really reminds me of Alexander Wang with the sporty layering and sheer fabrics. It's basically just a sheer crop top over an a-line tank dress and some scrunchy leggings, but the combination of shapes in that plain color palette is so striking. There's something very angelic and yet slightly twisted about it.

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