Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Fab Highlighter, Sales, and Taylor Momsen.

There's a lot of random today. I'm watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (LOL) and pretending to write a Spanish paper and my brain is like vhoosh--all over the place.

MAC Cream Color Base in Pearl, $16.50 at maccosmetics.com: One of the other things I got on Black Friday was this MAC Cream color base in Pearl. I got my first cream color base, Root, a few months ago, and I loved the texture so much that I sprung for another one. The Cream Color Bases are meant to be multi-use, so you can use them on the lid, to highlight, to contour, even on the lips. The consistency is like a very firm cream blush--it takes the heat of your fingers to warm the product up a bit and make it easier to apply. Pearl is a sleeper hit. In the pan, it looks a little pale and chalky. But on my skin, it's a lovely, sheer pale gold with slight shimmer that adds just a hint of luminescence. It's easy to layer, hard to over apply (trust me, I've tried), and looks insanely natural. It doesn't make you look oily or like a discoball--it just makes you look like you've got a great, lit from within glow or are permanently in candlelight. And that's just on the cheekbones. It works wonderfully as a base for other eye shadows (make sure you use a primer first, as these love to crease), because it adds a wonderful intensity to any shadow without lightening it or taking away pigmentation. In short, this is amazing. And it's a really good buy, because that pan is going to last you at least a year, and for $16.50, that's pretty darn good. Plus, it's even better than NARS Copacana (yeah, I said it).

I just had to post these two pics from The Sartorialist and Garance Dore. The Sartorialist pic is such a cute friendship-meets-fashion moment caught on film: the shoe swap. If only all my friends were my shoe size. And if you don't read Garance Dore, you need to. Not only is she a fantastic street-style blogger, but she's a really talented artist. See adorable sketch below:

Jacquie Aiche Hummingbird Waif Ring, $88 at shopbop.com, J. Crew Cordova Boot in Graphite, $168 at jcrew.com: How cute is that hummingbird ring? It's so delicate and feminine, but also a little quirky and organic. How perfect would this be on a ring finger? I'd never take it off. I saw these J. Crew boots in the December catalog today, and I kind of died. They combine so many of my favorite things: suede, grey, shearling, slouchy boots, moccasins, boho ties, in a nomad-chic, semi-practical, and very comfy looking pair of boots. I think they would look equally good with a straight leg pair of jeans or a fab pair of tights for an adorable snow-bunny look. And they're less than $200! They'd be a great Christmas present...(hi mom!).

Oliver Peoples Zoey Square Acetate Sunglasses, $175 down from $350 at net-a-porter.com, Herve Leger Stretch Pencil Skirt, $455 down from $650 at net-a-porter.com, Stella McCartney Oversized Chunky Knit Cape, $1,186.50 down from $1,695 at net-a-porter.com: NET-A-PORTER IS HAVING A SALE. I repeat. NET-A-PORTER IS HAVING A SALE. I mean, they have all the things that I want to buy, and their sales are actually worth waiting for. See examples 1-3. Yes, these Oliver Peoples sunglasses are 'inspired' by Ray-Ban Wayfarers, but the shape is a little more modern, and I think the extra width might be a little more flattering. Plus, the purple shades are killing me. So unexpected, and so chic. There's a high-waisted Herve Lerve skirt on sale!!! My brain just exploded. And it's grey! Oof. I love the subtle pattern--it's so flattering--I love the combination of the classic shape and the modern elastic, and I love the zipper detail, although I wish it was in the back. This Stella McCartney cape is already sold out, but I had to post it because I really, really like it. It has the drama of a cape, with the coziness and look of an open-front cardigan. I've always secretly wanted to dress up like Little Red Riding Hood, and I think this might be a publicly acceptable way to express that.

And last but not least, it's time for our regular installment of: What on Earth Is Taylor Momsen Wearing? I like the coat, the tights, and the shades. I hate this outfit. First, the terrible extensions. She went from Joan Jett to cracked out Malibu Barbie in like two months. It's weird. The shades are cute, but it's clearly nighttime, honey. You aren't Bono. The coat and faux thigh-highs don't make up for the fact that she isn't wearing any pants. That is a men's button-up top. It's not even pretending to be a tunic, it's just a top. The addition of those tights just makes it look even less like any sort of appropriate covering. And the Doc Marten-esque shoes with the lacy tights? It didn't work on Courtney Love, it doesn't work now. Le sigh. I just want to help her. And take that coat as the fee for my services.

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