Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Even More Pre-Fall, V Magazine, and Shoppings!

So remember when I said Pre-Fall 2010 was over? I lied. Style.com has been sneaking collections in behind my back, so there's more of that below. Also some random things that I want (of course), and a lovely editorial with Jac and Crystal Renn from V Magazine.

Steven Alan Gathered Sweater, $168 down from $285 at stevenalan.com, Secrets of Charm for SA Lila Dress, $220 at stevenalan.com, Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Black Honey, $14 at sephora.com: How cute is this sweater? It reminds me of those nautical Breton tops, with the boat neck collars and blue and white stripes, but redone with a slightly more modern touch. It still has the stripes and boat neck collar, but this time it's in a softer color palette, has a boyish, oversize fit, and is 100% cashmere. I'd wear this with the sleeves pushed up, a straight leg pair of dark wash jeans, and a brown pair of equestrian-inspired boots. I think I love the name of this dress' designer as much as the dress (Secrets of Charm? So sweet). The cut is very '50s housewife, with the straight fit and slightly de-emphasized waist. The volume from the drooping, geometric pockets adds an abstract, of the moment touch. Toss this on with a tangle of gold necklaces, a men's brown leather belt, and some sick heels, and you're good to go just about anywhere. I can't put into words how much I love this lip gloss. Yes, it looks extremely vampy and mildly unwearable in the tube, but on your lips it's another story all together. I'm very pale, and a thin wash of this across my lips says "I just ate a handful of blackberries" with a lovely, deep berry flush. There are no Goth vibes at all. You can layer it on more thickly for a richer berry tone, but even on my pale skin it's more "I watch True Blood" than "I want to be a vampire," which is always a good thing.

"One Size Fits All," shot by Terry Richardson for V Magazine, which hits newsstands on January 14. I think this spread is really interesting. They put the same outfits, accessories and all, on Jac Jablonski and Crystal Renn, and shot them in similar poses. I kind of wish the spread had been entirely Crystal Renn, because as much as I love Jac, Crystal is blowing her out of the water. I don't want to go into the whole emaciated models/body distortion issue in fashion, but I think Crystal Renn is insanely gorgeous. V also included the models' measurements; both girls are 5'9', and Jac is 32/24/34, and Crystal is 36/31/41, so take that plus size label with a grain of salt (Lara Stone has even bigger boobs. Is she plus size? No).

Reem Acra, Reem Acra, Tibi: Reem Acra is one of those designers that has jersey draping down to a science. This first look is a very soft take on last season's Balmania, which is very fitting. The '80s are fun, but the softer, flowier '70s are coming back with a vengeance. This dress makes a seamless transition between the two. It has the strong shoulder, embellishment, and powerful LBD (the it girl's version of a power suit) aspects of the '80s, and the soft, sensuous drape of the '70s in the deep neckline. I have to give this purple gown credit for having volume at the waist and somehow making it look flattering, which is very hard to do (see Exhibits A and B). The way it drapes at the waist gives it a bit of a casual, easygoing vibe, but the brooch-like detail pulls everything together and makes it red carpet appropriate. Why can't Blake Lively wear something like this for a change? I think the overall composition of this look from Tibi is stronger than the parts. The dress is very Lolita on acid, the tights add a winter appropriate touch, and the thigh high boots are very on-trend and balance out the crazed sweetness of the dress nicely.

All Missoni: Oh, how I love Missoni. They've managed to take thin knits to a whole other, extremely versatile level. Evidently all the leggings here have really thick waistbands, so you can fold over the top to make a mini skirt or pull up the top to make a strapless jumpsuit. As much as I hate the jumpsuit idea, that's extremely clever, and it's nice to see that they're thinking of the consumer in new ways. I love how all these looks have fairly limited color palettes, and yet they look so rich due to the mixture of prints, textures, and layers. I think the honey and black color palette (left) is a really fresh, chic take on neutrals, the oversized trench in the middle is so chic, and as much as it pains me to say this, the poncho on the right makes me smile. There's something so homespun and folksy about it.

All Naeem Khan: Naeem Khan claimed to be very inspired for Moulin Rouge for this collection, so obviously I love it. You can definitely see that influence in this first dress, with it's showgirl worthy feather skirt and ornately layered top. You really don't need to wear anything with it. It's an entire ensemble all on its own. This toga-esque gold dress reminds me of the Marc Jacobs Kate Moss wore to the Met Gala, but much more wearable. The soft drape of the cut is very on-trend, but the thinness of the fabric and the short hemline ensure that it still flatters your shape without being overwhelming. This last gown is SMOKING. It manages to be drop dead gorgeous with long sleeves and no accessories--the sequins are even bling all on their own. The cut is simple but flattering, and the v-neck balances out the sleeves and full skirt perfectly. Couldn't you see this on someone like Angelina Jolie or even Helen Mirren? It's a really well-designed dress that would work for pretty much every age group.

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