Monday, December 7, 2009

More Pre-Fall 2010 and Chanel Goes Catty

There's snow sitting outside my window right now. Obviously I have no idea how to deal with this at all. Uggs and sweats don't cut it. So expect a post about all the warm things I wish were sitting in my dorm right now in the next week or so, along with a few different holiday gift guides (when did December start? eek!). As for today, there's more coverage from the Pre-Fall collections, some shopping, and a little Chanel Couture.

All Alexander Wang: Alexander Wang is going to work. Of course, his version of office wear is nothing like anyone else's version of office wear, and is thus totally covetable. I have to be honest, unless you're tucking them into boots I'm not a huge fan of the legging/pant because they're less than flattering, although the way the pants meld into the shoes is interesting. But that blazer/mini-skirt/white tee combo is spot-on, the perfect combination of masculine and feminine, fitted and oversized. And how hot are those shades? That collarless motorcycle jacket is pretty fantastic as well. It hits at the perfect place on the hip, right above the waistband of the non-pants, the sleeves are long and fitted (which is great for giving length to a short torso), and the collarless cut is a new take on the current trend. This sequined dress might be my favorite. Alexander Wang does the juxtaposition of corseted and draped so well, and the fitted bra top against the soft ruching of the body of the dress is so perfect. It's boudoir meets retro-glam. Without the awkward pants this would be the ideal holiday party dress.

All Diane von Furstenberg: I HEART the DVF pre-fall show. It was all about cozy, oversized cardigans and jackets over little boho dresses. It's a really fresh look, but it's also intensely practical. How many cute little summer dresses do you have piled up in the back of your closet that you can't wear during the winter? This is the perfect solution, and it works for so many different aesthetics. This first look is very Jackie O, the little party dress under the '60s-inspired car coat. The combination of all those different patterns works because the palette is entirely neutrals, and the mussed hair keeps it from being stuck in the past. I would sell my liver for these next two looks. They are pitch-perfect from head to toe (speaking of toe, I love those shoes. Those are some fierce sandals). The semi-plaid jacket with the dramatic collar is such a perfect wintery coat; the lines are very urban and modern, but the print is very earthy and organic. I love the way it engulfs that little dress. There's something so appealing about that look, in it's mixture of masculine and feminine elements. This third outfit is a more boho/feminine take on the same theme. The sweater is so tactile and cozy and the dress has the perfect summery cut. Like with the first look, the mixture of patterns works because of the unified color palette, except here the pop of color in the heels adds a younger touch.

Diane von Furstenberg, Diane von Furstenberg, Zac Posen: This first look is a more office-appropriate take on the same trend, and the blazer adds just the right amount of structure to the peasant-inspired dress. The tufted detail at the hem is the ideal counter to the hardness of the leather belt, and again, the color palette works together nicely. The paillettes on this green dress kind of remind me of Marion Cotillard's Oscar gown. I like that even though the paillettes are a statement all on their own, they're layered in different colors for a very interesting, three-dimensional effect. Matching the studded belt and clutch lets you play with statement accessories without distracting from the dress itself, and the nude heels are the perfect balance to all the action going on up top. I'm usually not a Zac Posen fan, but this dress is stunning. The contrast between the black bodice and the white skirt is very graphic, almost a little Chanel, but the jagged edge connecting them gives it a whole other quirky, organic twist. I really love the way the top and bottom are total opposites: fitted vs. flowy, opaque vs. sheer, black vs. white. It shouldn't work, but these opposites do attract.

Mason by Michelle Mason Strapless Leather Mini Dress, $605 at, Elizabeth and James Draped Cutout T-shirt, $185 at, Herve Leger High-waisted Bandage Mini Skirt, $600 at It's no secret that I'm a bad vegetarian with a serious penchant for leather. Ever since Angelina Jolie busted out that fab black leather mini dress for the Inglorious Bastards press tour, I've been on the look-out for a more realistic version, and I think this Michelle Mason dress may be the answer. The clean lines of the dress balance out the shock factor of the material, and there's an interesting (but not too revealing) cutout detail at the back that takes it up a notch. I know a lot of people would write this off as cheap and vulgar looking, but with the right accessories (a Lanvin-esque pearl/crystal necklace and a cocktail ring), a fierce but understated pair of heels, and minimal makeup I think it could really work. I love shoulders. They're one of the only parts of your body that aren't effected by weight gain/loss (always a plus), and I think playing up your shoulders is a great way to be a little sexy without showing too much skin. The cutouts on this tee are genius. The way the fabric drapes around the shoulder is stunning (it gives a new meaning to cold shoulder....hehe), and it manages to highlight the arms while still hiding that tricep area that bothers so many people. If I could only wear one skirt for the rest of my life, it would be a Herve Leger mini skirt. No joke. I think they're equal parts retro and futuristic-chic, they're crazy flattering, and they're basic but never boring. The violet hue of this skirt is so gorgeous, especially against its simple lines. And as someone who owns a LOT of neutral tops, I think a vibrant skirt would actually be really versatile, especially against my white/gray/navy/black wardrobe.

Chanel Fall 2009 Couture: If you've seen me lately you know I love a good cat-eye. The shape is very retro, but the graphic nature of the clean black lines feels so modern. I love the way the cat-eyes looked at the Chanel Fall Couture show. A lot of times cat-eyes are paired with red lips for that old-school glam look, but I think it's so much fresher with clean skin, a pale lip, and slightly mussed hair. There's a stunning contrast between the done-up eyes and the simplicity of the rest of the look. As much as I love gel-liner, unless you have fantastic brushes and mad skills for a look this graphic you need a liquid liner (for a daytime, softer cat-eye gel-liner is just fine). I'd try Lancome's Artliner and layer a little concealer on the lips before applying a soft, baby pink lipstick.

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