Monday, March 15, 2010

Shoppings and Some of My Fav Looks From NYFW is still being a brat. I DON'T UNDERSTAND. GAH. And then there's all this talk of Alber Envaz possibly replacing Karl at Chanel brain might just explode. So forgive me if this post seems a little scattered. It's also been raining cats and dogs in Boston, so I'm going a little stir crazy.

Diane von Furstenberg Metallic Stephanie Shoulder Bag, $875 at, Isabel Marant Dana Fringed Canvas Boots, $1,160 at, Victoria Beckham Wool and Silk-Blend Dress, $1,715 at I'm intrigued by this bag. On the one hand, I love that it's made out of what basically looks like chain mail. I was Joan of Arc for Halloween in 3rd grade, and I've had a freakish obsession with chain mail ever since (I was a special child). The chain mail works with the slouchy shape and I like the fringed tassel, but the color palette makes me pause. It's a little on the blingy side, and the camo effect it's got going on doesn't help that. These boots, on the other hand, must be mine. They never will be, but a girl can dream. The slouchiness, the muted color palette, the fringe, the chain around the ankles (you could probably DIY these really easily)--it's a slightly military take on casual chic, and it's not only crazy versatile, but hugely on-trend. I don't usually fall of celebrity designers, but Victoria Beckham has definitely earned my respect. Her silhouettes are classically simple, very flattering, and just plain chic. There's something so appealing about this red dress. The flared skirt and emphasis on the shoulders would make anyone's waist look teensy, and the exposed silver zipper down the back adds just a hint of edge to the slightly retro lines.

Now that Fashion Week (month, let's be honest) is over, I like to go back and see what looks still catch my eye after clicking through literally every single show. If was behaving I'd have a few more looks from Paris for you guys, but it seems to be on strike, so here are some of my favorites from New York Fashion Week.

Marchesa, Rodarte, Marc Jacobs: If I could wear anything from NYFW, it would be this Marchesa gown or this Marc Jacobs coat. The Marchesa dress recalls last season's Dior, and I LOVE the idea of the short, cocktail dress under the long, sheer, boudoir-inspired overlay. You get the drama of a full-skirted gown with the easiness and sexiness of a cocktail dress. I've literally had dreams about this dress. Rodarte does wedding dresses. Obviously I love them, especially that they've managed to still check their aesthetic and yet actually make it wedding appropriate. It still looks waifish and yet deconstructed, but it's also high society chic. I want to bundle up in this Marc Jacobs coat and drink lattes in Paris while reading Jane Austen. I have very specific clothing fantasies. The limited color palette feels so rich in that mixture of textures, the shape is oversized but not overwhelming, and it is slightly snowman-esque but also wildly and unabashedly Romantic.

Peter Som, Thakoon, Jason Wu: Another example of fantastic styling at Peter Som. Individually, these pieces aren't that stunning, but all together they're a lovely mixture of gypsy, bohemian, Upper East Side, and Russian aristocracy. It's like strawberries and balsamic vinegar--it sounds insane, but it works. This kind of styling, with the seemingly careless mixture of luxe pieces in various patterns and textures, is going to be huge for Fall. When you say patchwork fur, I immediately think vomit. But I would do terrible things for this Thakoon coat. It looks destroyed and deconstructed in a post-Apocalyptic princess sort of way, and the simplicity of the rest of the outfit keeps it from being costumey. This Jason Wu dress just kills me. The architectural nature of the bodice juxtaposed against the soft, draped swags of chiffon strikes the perfect balance between hard and soft. The restricted, neutral color palette is saved from being boring by the subtle pattern on the body of the dress, and the sweetheart neckline adds a touch of girliness.

Jason Wu, Vena Cava, Marc Jacobs: I really loved the styling at Thakoon, probably more than the clothes themselves. The idea of throwing on an outdoorsy anorak over a 'ladies who lunch' type of outfit is one of the biggest styling tricks of the season, and such a great study in contrasts. I need a fur circle scarf like the ones from Vena Cava. There's something so regal and yet so '70s bohemian about them (and they're super practical!), and pairing something so luxurious with such a simple, clean-lined outfit works so beautifully. I could see this girl walking down the street tomorrow or thirty years ago. I just realized that I put the Marc Jacobs looks totally out of order, but it's too late now. I love the subtle romanticism of this dress, like she was a Sound of Music styled countryside girl who walked through a giant puddle of metallic ink. It's nostalgic and sweet, but has a slightly subversive, modern edge to it. This is the kind of thing I could see someone like Camilla Belle working on the red carpet.

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