Monday, March 22, 2010

NYC Trip: Chelsea/Meatpacking District

Hey girlies! Apologies in advance if this post looks awkward. I'm blogging from my phone, which never turns out the way I planned it. This week I'm in NYC with my mom for spring break, and our super conveniently loctaed hotel (in Midtown, right between Soho and the Upper East Side) has no WiFi. Sad face. But technological difficulties aside, I'm going to attempt to blog all week!

Yesterday we browsed around SoHo, and had a super delicious brunch at Balthazar. I had sour cream hazelnut pancakes, so I was a very happy camper. Then we hit up all the shops, including Prada-had to see the 'skateboard ramp.' On a random note, Cecelia from ANTM a few seasons ago, works there now. And the Perspex, bejweled bags are still ridiculously impractical looking in person.

Today we walked (I have an inexplicable fear of subways) all the way down to Chelsea and the Meatpacking District, via ABC Carpet and Home. If you love interior design and you haven't been to this store, you MUST go. My mom calls it 'Anthropologie on steroids.'. The first floor is full of random goodies, beauty, chandeliers, carpets, etc, all overpriced but gorgeous. The other floors are full of really unique, one-off furniture pieces that you could fill an entire house with. After that, we strolled on down to Fisch for the Hip, 153 W 18th St. Best designer consignment store ever. The list of requirements for clothes that they buy by the register is amazing. Everything is less than a year old, from a very specific range of designers, and in mint condition. They had at least six Birkins and a ton of YSL bags, and did I mention the 2 King Cavalier Spaniels by the door? Basically Megan heaven. It looks inconsequential from the street, but you could put together a stunning wardrobe from that store alone. That said, nothing is cheap, but you get what you pay for. I left with a Walter black leather jacket that had never been worn, for less than half of the retail price. I've wanted a leather jacket forever, and this one fits so perfectly, with just enough hardware. Pic attached.

After that we headed over to the Chelsea Market, an old Nabisco factory turned indoor boutique market place. The building itself is amazing, but the food inside-i die. It's a lot like the Ferry Building in San Francisco, with everything from tea salons to thai food to gelato. We got a pair of delicious bagettes from Amy's Bread. They were the perfect combination of chewy on the inside and crunchy and flaky on the outside. I washed that down with a cup of Jacques Torres Wicked hot chocolate, which totally lived up to the hype. It was rich, extremely, chocolately, and had just a hint of spice (in fact, I could have done with a bit more chipotle heat, but I just love Aztec chocolate). Then we walked over to 14th street, the main shopping drag in the Meatpacking District, with everything from Stella McCartney to Alexander McQueen (sob). Our favorite stop was the downstairs sale floor of Scoop, which has a ridiculous amount of heavily discounted jeans in sizes 24-27 and 30-32. Unfortunately, I'm a 28, so no luck there, but I left with a fab Scoop brand flannel button-up, marked down from $175 to $34, less than I would have paid at Urban Outfitters (pic attached). Our last stop of the day was the Magnolia Bakery at Grand Central Station, for a red velvet cupcake. I have to say, although it was adorable, I was disappointed. The cake was dense and rich, and very flavorful for a red velvet, but the frosting had nothing to do with cream cheese, which was shocking to me, and was waaaay too sweet. Next time I'll stick to Crumbs. Tomorrow we're hitting up Central Park and Madison Ave, get excited!
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  1. Oh . That sounds so exciting. I am jealous of your trip. And that jacket is HOT on you! Now I want Spicy Hot Cocoa! LOL



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