Friday, March 19, 2010

How To: Dress for the Plane

I think dressing for the plane is one of the hardest wardrobe-related things to do. You really, really want to be comfy, you need an outfit that's easy to layer around based on the temperature of the plane, and you want to look cute (because you never know who you'll end up sitting next to). Everyone wants to slap on some sweats and Uggs and call it a day, but since this is a fashion blog, I have other solutions! I think there has to be a way to be chic and comfortable on a plane, and I'm determined to find it.

KAIN Label Pocket Tee, $84 at, Juicy Couture 5 Pocket Denim Leggings, $98 at You don't want to get all trendy and fashion-forward on a flight, because there won't be anyone to appreciate it and trendy usually doesn't mean easy to travel in. Instead, start off your outfit with clean basics: a slouchy tee and denim leggings. The denim leggings are a great alternative to sweats or regular leggings because they actually look like real jeans, but they feel like cozy leggings. They're a really simple way to fake being more dressed up than you actually are. I like this KAIN tee because the boyfriend silhouette contrasts nicely with the slim lines of the denim leggings, and falls gracefully over any potential tummy problem areas. The lilac hue adds a nice of pop color that's cheerful on a long flight, but isn't so bright that you'll start hating your ensemble halfway over the Atlantic.

Autumn Cashmere Drape Cardigan Sweater in Black, $382 at, J. Crew Cashmere Zip-front Hoodie in Heather Grey, $188 at I'd throw on a neutral, drapey cardigan or hoodie on over the jeggings and tee. The open cardigan works because, again, its volume contrasts with the slimness of the denim leggings. Open cardigans are especially fab for plans because you can wrap them around you like a blanket (which eliminates the need for a creepy airplane blanket), and the cashmere fabric will keep you warm without being heavy or bulky. I love this cashmere hoodie. I mean, it's a cashmere hoodie. How much more glamorous for traveling can you get? It adds a bit of a street-savvy edge to the pretty purple tee, and you can put the hood up and take a little nap.

Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Berkeley Snake Tote, $495 at, YARNZ Pearls & Cross Scarf, $165 at, Tory Burch Boho Suede Shearling Buckle Boots in Charcoal Melange, $125 down from $250 at Don't even bother with cute little handbags on the plane. It's not worth it. If you're like me and you want to take your laptop, your magazines, some snacks, your iPod, etc, etc, on the plane with you, then you need a roomy tote bag. However, those totes can often end up looking like gym bags, so I'd go for something in a neutral leather. It's a versatile piece that you'll be able to use over and over again, and the snake print ties in with the grey of the hoodie and the boots, but still keeps things interesting (and it's the perfect size for all your entertainment). Scarves are an essential for plane flights, because they can double as light blankets and are the easiest way to layer/de-layer depending on temperature changes. I wanted a neutral scarf to let the purple shirt continue to be the focal point, but this pearl/cross print adds a little more visual interest and some edge without stealing the show. I like that it takes you a while to figure out what's going on with the scarf, but in an interesting way, not a weird way (if that makes any sense). Plus, since the print looks a lot like a necklace, it eliinates the need for jewelry, making that trip through security a lot easier. Did I mention that this scarf is cashmere? As for shoes, I usually choose some sort of boot just because my feet always get so cold. That said, I don't want to resort for Uggs. They always end up looking so clunky, and so many other people are wearing them. These Tory Burch shearling boots come in a sophisticated range of colors--I chose the grey because it ties in with the bag and again, lets the purple shirt shine--and the little details, like the stitching around the sole, the leather at the heel, and the buckle make these boots special.

Kings & Queens Body Butter in Sultan of Granada, $15 at, Cetaphil Moisturzing Cream, $11.49 at, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15, $22.50 at Airplanes are notorious for sucking any semblance of moisture out of your skin. To look fresh as a daisy when you land, you need to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize the entire flight. For your body, I love Kings & Queens. They're made by the same company as Korres, with the same dedication to all natural ingredients, but at a much more palatable price point. I think Sultan of Granada, a subtle lemon blossom scent, would be great for the plane because it's light and refreshing, but won't overwhelm everyone around you. To keep the skin on your face happy, I recommend this Cetaphil cream. It's extremely moisturizing and a little heavy, but it won't break you out and it absorbs nicely, without leaving your skin greasy. The tub is too big to take on board, so what I like to do is take a plastic contact lens case and fill the deposits with moisturizer. It won't ever leak, and it's easy to refill. This Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment will keep your lips from getting chapped and dry while you're in the air. From what I've seen, even though it's pricey everyone seems to think it's worth the price, and again, the soft lemony scent is summery and light.

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