Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fashion Week and Total Randomness.

There were no new shows on Style.com today, so I pulled up a few slides that I really loved but that never made it into my roundups. When there are 10 shows with 30 looks each posted a day, and I only post 12-16 of those looks, I have to cut a LOT of stuff out, even if it's lovely and covetable and drool-worthy.

Marchesa, Clements Ribeiro, Marc Jacobs: This Marchesa dress is so jaunty and sassy. The body-con, one-shouldered mini dress thing is nothing new, but the Asian-inspired, organic, ruffled appliques definitely spice it up. The juxtaposition between the clean lines of the cut and the tactile nature of the decoration is genius. How chic is this Clements Ribeiro cardigan? I love updated, basics with a luxe twist, and the crystal appliques on this gray cardigan take it from boring to drop dead chic. In retrospect, I love the Marc Jacobs show even more. Topping off a velvet column dress with an oversized fur stole sounds over the top, but doing it in a muted color palette gives it just enough restraint to toe the line between Sunset Boulevard and drag queen.

Gabriel Colangelo, Bottega Veneta, Roberto Cavalli: This first dress very much reminds me of last season at Calvin Klein, but in a slightly more wearable way. The softly-draped neckline contrasts perfectly with the slim lines of the skirt, and the veined grey fabric has a stony feel that mediates the light sheen of the silk. I love how hardcore Bottega Veneta went this season. Red and leather usually don't go together in my book, but the minimalist cut and refined lines of this little red dress are nothing but lovely. This jacket/pants combo from Roberto Cavalli definitely has a bit of a medieval vibe, but it totally works. Skinny pants get a glamourous update in a rich brocade, and the cropped, voluminous jacket gets an equally voluminous texture from the black fur.

3.1 Phillip Lim Asymmetrical Bow Wrap Cardigan, $425 at lagarconne.com, Sequin Broomstick Pleated Dress, $895 at lagarconne.com, Thread Social Boatneck Striped Dress with Bow, $294 at shopbop.com: This Phillip Lim cardigan is not only adorable, but a total possible DIY project. Just take a grey, v-neck sweater and sew on a few asymmetrical black bows diagonally down from the neckline. It has a spontaneously vibe with just a hint of French girl chic. I remember this Phillip Lim dress from his Spring 2010 show, and it move so, so well. The swingy, pleated skirt is also sticking around for fall, and adds a slightly Roman, toga-esque feeling that contrasts with the silvery, mock croc print on the bodice. The neutral palette spices up with the metallic silver, and the black band at the waist gives it a flattering hourglass shape. This Thread Social dress is also a great DIY project. Just take a simple, striped boatneck dress (there's a similar version at American Apparel) and add an oversized navy blue bow on one shoulder. I realize that today is all about sewing bows on random things, but it's kind of one of the funnest, girliest things to do ever.

So Maud and I opened up an account on Lookbook.nu, one of those daily outfit shot websites, and here's a little preview of the hilarity that may ensue. And by hilarity I really mean the first picture.

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