Friday, March 12, 2010

Inspired by: Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

So I saw Alice in Wonderland over the weekend, and in a word, AMAZING. Times a million. I don't even like Tim Burton movies, and I loved it. Johnny Depp was fabulously crazy, as usual, Helena Bonham Carter was hilarious, and Mia Wasikowska was a lovely, waifish Alice. I mentioned the plethora of fantastic dresses in the last post, but I couldn't find anything last night that reminded me of the film. I did a little snooping today, and came up with an outfit that really reminded me of the girlish, yet subversive feeling of Alice.

Haute Hippie Sleeveless V-neck Dress, $425 at, Juicy Couture Linen Dress with Lace, $178 at, Rodarte for Target Swiss Dot Dress: the Rodarte for Target dress is the most obvious choice (I actually wore it to see Alice, yes I am that nerdy), since it's in that iconic pale blue shade and has the floaty, a-line skirt. You can still track them down on eBay for about $50, and I highly recommend getting one just for life purposes. For a subtler take on the look, I'd go for something white or off-white. It has the same girlish, innocent vibe, but it's a lot more wearable. This Haute Hippie dress is really lightweight and floaty, which capture the ephemereal feeling of Wonderland nicely, and the detailing on the skirt and at the waist has a slight Victorian feel that ties into the era of the book. The Juicy Couture dress is the most versatile of the three, just a very feminine little sundress intricate, subtle detailing. Since it's the simplest, it's also the best canvas for accessories.

Giles & Brother Tiny Spider Stud Earrings, $78 at, Alkemie Jewelry Bird Ring, $135 at, tuleste market Key Necklace/Pin, $95 at The jewelry is really what makes this look, because it's where you can get very dark and odd without it being so in-your-face (like wearing a really offbeat dress would be). I choose a lot of animal motifs because Alice encounters a lot of memorable animals in the film, and they add an earthy feeling to the Victorian girlishness of the dresses. The tiny crab studs are not only insanely adorable, but look totally normal from a distance, so it's a little surprise of quirkiness once you get up close. The bird ring is so, so sweet, but the way that the bird protrudes from the ring the rough-hewn texture of the metal, and that shiny black eye keep it from being too sweet. Lastly, I chose this key necklace because Alice does a lot with keys in the film, especially in the beginning, and the symbolism of keys (ie opening up a door to a new world, again, I am a nerd) works with the idea of the film. The thick chain will help weigh down the floatiness of the dresses, and you can detach the pendant and wear it as a pin!

EDUN Osa Cardigan, $225 at, Vera Wang Lavender Lynette Ruffle Ballet Flats, $225 at, Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Earth Reflection 609, $58 at I know this cardigan seems a little out-there for this look, but there's a method to the craziness, I promise. The shredded holes give it a disheveled, slightly mad feeling that echoes, well, all the madness in the book, and the black anchors the extreme femininity of the dresses nicely. I like these flats for this look because they're kind of quirky. Heels don't really make sense with the aesthetic or the story, and Mia wore a lot of ballet flats in the film. These black flats echo the cardigan, and help the tie the outfit together from head to toe. The flower is a really common motif in the film, and the glossiness of it gives the typically girly ballet flat a bit of a subversive twist. As for the makeup, I'd go for a really natural eye, with hints of beige and pink, and a flash of golden shimmer. It should look young, but not childish. The darker brown would be great smudged in the lash line and in the crease, with the pink and beige across the lid and the champagne as a highlight.

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