Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kate Spade Summer Purse Steal + Zoya

Guys, this purse is a total steal and everyone should get one, and that's basically the point of this post.  Well, also that I found some cute nail polish.  You should buy that too. 

Kate Spade Horseshoe Cove Scout in Natural/Black, on sale for $139 down from $278 at The story to how I just bought this bag is funny.  I was thinking of what I wanted for my 21st birthday, and one of the things that I was thinking about getting was a nice bag.  One of my good friends just bought one of the bags I was thinking about, the Mulberry Alexa, which is absolutely gorgeous.  It's also absolutely expensive.  So then I stumbled across a cheaper alternative, the Cambridge Satchel.  How cute are those bags?!  Adorable.  But the actual Cambridge Satchel website is super unreliable, and I don't love the colors that they have on Asos.  So then I stumbled across the Kate Spade Scout bags, and they happened to be wayyyy on sale.  Like half off.  And they come in an adorable range of colors, and have magnet clasps instead of actually having to use the buckles, and an adorable lining, and basically I love them.  They come in either all patent leather (for $50 more) or lacquered canvas with patent leather trim.  I ordered the black yesterday because I figured it would be the most practical and wearable (although I seriously debated about getting the pink version.  It's so cute!).  The interior is lined with a sweet polka dot fabric, and there are two main compartments, with a smaller zippered compartment as well.  The strap is adjustable, and the perfect length to wear cross-body.  What I really love is the size.  It's about 10" wide and 7" tall, which is just the right size to fit all the things I need without giving me too much space to fill with lots of things that I don't really need.

It also comes in Natural/Coral and Natural/Wheatgrass, and how cute is that pink.  I think aesthetically, for how much these purses cost (on sale!  so affordable!), these are a slam dunk.  The structured, boxy shape is very retro, the treated canvas has a summery feel, and the shiny patent trim adds a nice modern touch.  I'm really glad that I splurged on this, because I think it's the kind of purse that I can get a lot of wear out of, year round. 

Zoya polish in Wednesday, $8 at Zoya describes it as a faded, dirty medium turquoise with a green undertone and an opaque cream finish.  I actually got this a few months ago (ahem, I am the worst) and I've been wearing it allllllll the time, on my fingers and toes!  It's just such a fun color.  It's a slightly muted, greener version of Tiffany blue, and it's surprisingly flattering, especially against a tan.  It's bright, but it doesn't look childish.  It applies like a dream, opaque in two coats, and lasts a week on me (that manicure is 2-3 days old).  The picture on the left has flash, the picture on the right doesn't.

 Buy both these things!  They are great.

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