Friday, December 7, 2012

L'Oreal Visible Lift Serum Absolute Advanced Age-Reversing Foundation

I bought this foundation in August, and I've almost used up a bottle, so it's probably time for me to review it (jokes, what is my life).  This foundation has probably the longest name of any foundation I've ever used--Visible Lift Serum Absolute Advanced Age-Reversing Foundation.  The idea is that this foundation has Vitamin C and Retinol in it, so it's supposed to have skincare-esque properties.  I picked up the Classic Ivory shade at CVS for about $14--it's currently $15.79 at

It comes in a one ounce glass pump bottle with a plastic cap.  My bottle is gross and dirty, but I really like the overall packaging.  The bottle is nice and weighty, and it has a very clean feel to it.

Classic Ivory on me is almost identical to NARS Sheer Glow's Mont Blanc, and it's right between MAC's NW15 and NW20.  It's a perfect color match for me.  This foundation comes in a surprising range of pale shades, although it doesn't have as great of range in the darker shades.  And it doesn't oxidize on me throughout the day!  On the left is a pump of foundation so you can see the texture, on the right I've blended it out across the top of my hand.

Formula: This foundation is a thick liquid or a thin cream, depending on your perspective.  It almost feels a bit whipped.  It blends into my skin very easily, with no streaks, and has a natural finish that skews a bit matte.  I don't usually go for anything remotely matte, but since I have oily skin, the matte aspect of this foundation works really well for me.  I don't think it would be great if you had very dry skin, as I find this emphasizes any dry spots that I have.  It almost may not be very good for extremely oily skin--I think it's perfect for normal or combination skin types.  Also, I've used this for almost a semester, and it hasn't broken me out AT ALL.  I'm pretty paranoid about breakouts, and I was afraid of both the retinol in this foundation and how much coverage it has, but it's actually made my skin a little nicer!

Application: I love that this has a pump! I use two pumps on my entire face, and I apply it with my fingers to really work it into my skin.  I find that it dries down pretty quickly, and then it doesn't budge.

Coverage: I find that this is medium-heavy coverage.  Two pumps on me covers basically everything, but doesn't look heavy or unnatural.

Wear time: I can put this on in the morning (over my Korres primer), run around, go to the gym, get caught in an unexpected rain storm (story of my life) and 15 hours later, it still looks great!  I think this has even better wear time my beloved NARS Sheer Glow.  

Awkward Chic rating: A.  It's great for my skin color and my skin type, lasts forever, and covers all manners of sins.  I wish it was a little cheaper and had a wider range of colors, but I have trouble finding flaws with it.  I will absolutely repurchase.


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