Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Review: Boots Essentials Lip Salve in Strawberry

When I was in London a few days ago, I was all over Boots.  Literally.  My friends thought I was insane.  It's cool.  I stocked up on some awesome products and picked up this lip balm.

Say hello to the Boots Essentials Lip Salve in Strawberry, about 1 pound at boots.co.uk.  I think I have a serial lip balm-collecting problem.  I pick one up in literally every country in every drugstore. 

The deal with this lip balm is that it comes in a little strawberry-red tube with lipstick-esque packaging (the whole red part slides up and the lip balm twists up).  The balm itself is white, goes on clear with a pretty sheen, and has a lovely, firm but buttery consistency.  It doesn't have SPF, but it keeps my lips soft and moisturized for at least a few hours--I probably reapply 3 or 4 times a day, which is standard for me.

But the best part is the smell/taste.  It's just like strawberry candies!  Like Smarties!  It's DELICIOUS.  It smells delicious and tastes delicious and the smell lingers for a long time, which I love.  If you don't like your lip balms with strongish smells, then this isn't for you.  But it makes me very happy.

Awkward Chic Rating: B+.  It's a pretty standard lip balm, cute but not excellent packaging, no SPF but good moisturizing power, no tint but a yummy smell.  It's definitely worth picking up if you're near a Boots or a Target, and since it's so cheap you can get the Strawberry and the Original (with SPF!) and the Spearmint!

Images via boots.com.

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