Monday, June 17, 2013

Delicate Gold Bar Necklaces--on the Cheap!

 You've probably seen these little bar necklaces everywhere--the ones on the short, delicate chains where the bar sits right below the collarbone.  I wasn't sure how much I would like them on me, because short necklaces aren't usually my thing, so I picked up a gold plated one on Etsy with an 18 inch chain for $20-something from this little shop.  I got the hammered version, where the bar is slightly textured (you can kind of see it in the second photo).

I absolutely love this.  I wear it every day.  I think it would feel cheap, because it was pretty cheap, but it looks and feels pretty expensive.  The chain is so thin that it almost disappears on me, and it's just the gold bar floating below my collarbone, which looks really pretty.  I love it because it's the kind of necklace you can wear with everything--it's fancy enough to wear out or to a nice event, but it's simple enough that you can wear it with a tee and leggings.  It's just a great, easy to wear piece of jewelry.

I also super recommend that Etsy shop!  It shipped quickly, came in cute packaging, and it was super affordable.

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